‘No faith in the Muslim Personal Law Board’

Haseena Khan
Co-ordinator, Awaaz-e-Niswan

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board is a government appointed body formed in 1972 that functions more or less like an NGO. It is now trying very hard to become a statutory body. We are strongly opposed to this move; we are opposed to anyone who in any way supports this move by the AIMPLB.

The name of the organisation suggests that it is a body that looks into issues concerning personal law or family laws. However, their record shows that since inception there is not a single thing they have done to better the situation of Muslim women. That is why we have no faith in this organisation; we are highly suspicious of this body.

The AIMPLB is now talking of setting up Darul Qaza, Shari’ah courts. If this were to be recognised by the government as they are demanding, it will be a big leap backward. They who only talk of women’s duties, never women’s rights, what can one expect of them?

On the Babri Masjid dispute, the AIMPLB says it will only abide by the decision of the courts, but in matters of personal law they want "no interference" from the courts.

Awaaz-e-Niswan believes that hope for Muslim women lies only through progressive, secular, democratic forces and that is the direction we are looking at. We are engaged in serious discussions with other women’s organisations and jointly exploring the best course of action to be taken for bringing justice to Muslim women.

Archived from Communalism Combat, July 2004 Year 10   No. 99, Cover Story 4




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