Now, Irfan Pathan trolled for posting “un-Islamic” selfie with wife

India’s top pacer Mohammed Shami was trolled in December last year for posting on his Facebook a picture with his wife, Hasin Jehan. Nasty comments were made that Jehan’s sleeveless blouse was not in keeping with Islam’s teachings. Shami was asked to ensure that in future his wife did not appear in public without a hijab.

Now, Irfan Pathan is facing the heat from the moral police on social media for posting on his Facebook a picture with his wife. As it happens, wife Safa Baig does have a dupatta (hijab) covering her head but that obviously is not enough. There’s a suggestion of shyness in her expression as she is seen smiling half-covering her face with her hands next to a beaming Irfan. That’s bad enough for the trolls for they can see half her face and she’s wearing nail polish.

According to news reports, some advised Irfan to pull the picture off the Facebook while others slammed him for not being ‘a good Muslim’. One comment even reminded Irfan not to forget he is a Pathan. “WTF Tell her to cover her arms. Being a Muslim and being a Pathan its your duty to do so.”

Pathan married Baig, a model from Jeddah in February last year and in December the couple was blessed with a baby boy.

Among those who had stood by Shami when he was targeted were cricketer Mohammed Kaif and Javed Akhtar. Pathan no doubt will find enough people to stand by him and against the moral police.



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