Now, ISIS Declares War on Muslim-majority Malaysia, Indonesia

A freeze frame from the ISIS video clip. Image credit: The Star

Yes, it has, reports the Malaysian daily, The Star, citing a video released by ISIS. The purported video has not been embedded on the newspapers website, nor has any link been provided. Perhaps for the understandable reason that it might provide the wrong inspiration to misguided youth. However, a report graphically describes the video content and is reproduced below.

Meanwhile, another report published online by the same daily says the Malaysian police have vowed to hunt down ISIS militants who issue threats over social media to deliberately frighten the people.

Bukit Aman special branch director Datuk Seri Mohamad Fuzi Harun said though the video clips could be a mere “drama” to intimidate the people in the country, the police took the matter seriously.  He added the police would monitor every social media platforms available in the country.  

He said though the video clips could be a mere “drama” to intimidate the people in the country, the police took the matter seriously and would closely monitor the social media.  

"They use the social media as a platform to threaten attacks against the country, and we must strengthen the laws to check these undesirable events," he added. 

The ISIS video clip’s message as described by The Star:

A gun-toting adult is surrounded by children, and a teen standing away from the group is seen cradling an AK-47 assault rifle.

The man is wagging his right index finger back and forth, and talks in a mix of Bahasa Malaysia and what sounded like Arabic.

He expresses gratitude to Allah for “easing our journey and jihad” and for appointing them as “soldiers of Tawhid (The Oneness of God)”.

He called out to the authorities of the nusantara (archipelago) – especially in Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Know this … we are no longer your citizens, and have liberated ourselves from you,” he said as the camera panned to show a goateed man nearby holding another Malaysian passport.

“With His permission and His assistance, we will come to you with a military force that you cannot overcome.

“This is Allah’s promise to us,” he said.

These footages are seen in one of the video clips released by the IS.

The man also referred to the toppling of governments and leaders who did not follow Islamic principles to make way for the supremacy of Islam.

Shortly later, he threw his passport into the middle of the circle, and the children followed suit.

A young boy stepped forward with a silver lighter and uttered Bismillah before lighting up a folded piece of white paper.

He then placed it among the pile of documents to set the heap ablaze, a sight which is greeted by raucous cheers and singing from the other children as their fists punched the air.

The scene then moves to a classroom setting, depicting children wearing songkok chanting during religious lessons supervised by an adult, and undergoing combat training under the watchful eyes of another.

They also go through outdoor learning sessions, where a man in a red headwrap conducted quizzes for his young charges.

In another clip of a sandy clearing surrounded by coniferous trees, children stood in line as they fired rounds from semi-automatic pistols.

In a testament to their tender years, their small bodies jerked back from the recoil, with the hems of their oversized camouflage fatigues falling past their knees.

An adult nearby, clad in camel khakis, long-sleeved shirt and a vest, raised his right fist, shouting takbir as the children followed suit with a chorus of Allahu Akbar (God is Great).




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