NRIs petition Modi to act, save lives

An online petition by non-resident Indians urges Prime Minister Modi to take responsibility for gross abdication of responsibility, ignoring national and global warnings and, in fact, setting an example that downplayed the continuing dangers from Covid 19

covid crisis

Addressing the online petition to the Indian prime minister, the petition says,

“This is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions for which you as the Prime Minister of India you must take responsibility – more so because your government’s policies have contributed directly to this situation.  As senior BJP leader Amit Malviya has revealed, you were aware of the impending second wave. Despite this you continued to export vaccines, continued to export oxygen, and did not stockpile essential anti-viral medications. You actively encouraged the Kumbh Mela, a virus super-spreader to go ahead and you and your party leaders continued holding massive roadshows and election rallies where you boasted of the size of crowds and appeared without a mask….”


The rest of the petition may be read here:



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