‘Only Cow Urine Can Keep Ghosts at Bay’: Gujarat Govt Board

For all who are terrified of real baddies such as Dracula and Satan, and have not known where to look, help is finally at hand: sprinkle cow urine and all ghosts will run for cover.


Such is the advisory put out in the public interest by the Gujarat Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board, a government body, the Times of India has reported.

The Aarogya Geeta, while elaborating on the importance of cow urine, claims that sprinkling of cow urine can protect one from “evil forces like Dracula and Satan”. The great thing, we are told, is that gau mata’s beneficence is for all: religion, race or nationality no bar.

The advisory states, “Many diseases occur if evil forces or ghosts enter the human body . These are called Bhootmishtang diseases in the shashtras.”

Explaining how cow urine can combat the diseases caused by supernatural forces, the Aarogya Geeta says, “Lord Shankar is the god of all ghosts and the Ganga lives in his hair. Nandi (the holy bull in Hindu belief) is a vehicle of Lord Shankar”. “Cow urine contains the Ganga. Ghosts run away from cow urine because Nandi was the son of Gau Mata or mother cow,” elaborates the advisory.

The full report in the Times of India may be read here.



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