Open display of “welcome to Akhand Hindu Rashtra” accepted while “discomfort” over Namaz being offered in basement, is this the New India?

Muslims on edge during Ramadan as multiple incidents of violence, abuse and intimidation are being reported

Hindu Rashtra

Days after Ramadan started in India and worldwide, several instances of targeting and intimidating Muslims have been reported. Stopping them from offering Namaaz, and subjecting them to violence and abuse. Many attempts are being made to cause disharmony amongst communities, to provoke individuals from the majority and minority communities as both celebrate their own cultural festivals, with Ram Navami being just around the corner. Extremist Hindutva outfits and their local supports are resorting to petty and offensive tactics to otherise the Muslim community. One such example are the objectionable banners, saying “Welcome to Akhand Hindu Rashtra”, being put up by the Hindutva outfits at various areas, but especially those areas which are either sensitive or Muslim populated. One such banner has been put up by the extremist Bajrang Dal at Sangam Nagar Wadala in East Mumbai.

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Another such banner, saying “Jai Hindu Rashtra”, has been put up in Sarafa Bazaar, Khargone. Khargone in Madhya Pradesh is the same area where during Ram Navami last year, the atmosphere had become communal and a Muslim man was murdered by a Hindu mob.  Hate-offender Kapil Mishra’s speech and inciteful words had been the driving force behind this communal hatred.  Later, the government had also attacked Muslims collectively by bulldozing their homes and properties. And now, in this communally sensitive area, the aforementioned offensive and instigating banners have been displayed at 4 places, i.e. two in Talab Chowk and two in Sarafa Bazar. It is important to be noted that while this is taking place near the Talab Chowk police station, no action has yet been taken by the police against the perpetrators.

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In another such instance of intolerance and hatred, in the beginning of this week, the locals in Greater Noida showed discomfort and created a ruckus against the happening of congregational prayers in the basement of a building. Not so surprisingly, the police resolved this issue by asking the Muslims to remove the tent and stop praying there. The video of this incident is now going viral online, where a group of people can be seen at the entrance of the society, and the police can be seen arriving later.

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A video showing the tent that got removed by the residents was also shared later on social media and can be viewed here:

On March 26, an incident of brutal abuse was reported in Maharashtra. In the aforementioned incident, an Imam leading prayer at a mosque in Maharashtra’s Anwa village was assaulted by unidentified individuals who entered the place of worship and beat him up for refusing to chant “Jai Shri Ram.” According to India Today, the incident occurred on Sunday at around 7.30 p.m. while the Imam was sitting inside the mosque reading the Quran. When the Imam refused to do as he was told, three individuals beat him outside the mosque. According to the report, the Imam claimed that his assailants used a chemical-laced cloth to make him unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he discovered his beard had been severed. A video of the Imam being taken to the hospital has gone viral on social media.

According to India Today, the Imam was first rushed to a government hospital in Sillod. He was later transferred to the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in Aurangabad, where he is receiving treatment.

According to India Today, after the incident was reported, police arrived at Anwar village, where the mosque is located, and began investigating the incident. A case was registered at the Paradh police station in Bhokardan against the unidentified individuals under Sections 452 (trespassing after preparation for hurt, assault), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and 34 (criminal act by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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In a separate incident on March 26, members of the far-right Bajrang Dal shouted anti-Muslim slogans in front of a Mosque and Madrassa during a rally. Stone pelting was reported in the area. The incident took place in Tele village in Ramgarh, Rajasthan, where the mob was seen carrying saffron flags, wearing saffron scarfs, and using abusive language and anti-Muslim slurs while shouting ‘Jai Shree Ram’.

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On March 28, in Karnataka, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had carried out protest in Hassan’s Belur opposing the decades old ritual of reciting Quran during historical Chennakeshava Rathotsava, and raised demands of the said ritual being discounted. The Hindu outfits have maintained since a few years that the ritual should not be observed as it is “against the Hindu religion”. During the said procession, a Muslim youth allegedly shouted Quran Zindabad, which led to commotion. The Bajrang Dal and Hindu activists questioned the youth and surrounded him. The situation turned serious when the youth got into an argument with the agitators. Later, he was chased by protesters. Meanwhile, another group of agitators blocked the road. The cops then intervened and took control of the situation by, ironically, arresting the Muslim individual and taking him away.

A video of the mob surrounding the police van and sloganeering can be viewed here:


The Rathotsav will take place on April 4 and 5 in Belur during which a tradition is followed wherein the Hindu festival begins with a recitation of the Quran. Lakhs of devotees throng to the temple to witness the festival. As reported by News 18, Basavaraj, a VHP worker, said that “For many years, before the Rathotsava, there was a bad practice of reciting the Quran. This practice of hurting Hindu sentiments has been taking place. This must stop this year. Not Quran but Narayan Stotra must be recited in front of the temple. Hence, in order to put an end to this practice, the VHP and Bajrang Dal staged protests. Rathotsav will take place on April 4 and the ritual must stop this year on April 3 itself”.

Santosh Kenchamba, the founder of Rashtra Dharma Sangatan, reportedly said that “Our Sanatana Dharma dates back to 5,000 years. They could not take us down using a sword but their ideological attack is taking place. The same ideological attack is taking place at Channakeshava premises as well. This temple was built in 1117AD and in 1932 this practice of reciting the Quran started. Back then, they used to do it in some corner now they have started in front of the chariot.”

The recent cycle of venomous Islamophobic and anti-Muslim political rhetoric has incited violence against members of the Muslim community. With the month of Ramadan being celebrated, the Muslim community remains the target of horrific incidents, discrimination, and violence because of their religion. The current atmosphere is such that Muslims in India will remain on edge till Eid approaches, as many instances of state-sanction organised crimes will be reported.

It is said that during the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast to feel the step out of their usual routines and reflect on the suffering of the ones less fortunate that them. It is sad to see the pure intention behind this month being overshadowed by the saffron terror, to see extremist fan the hate and violence.



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