Open letter: Over 100 Mumbai lawyers condemn ‘tyranny’ of fellow-lawyers at Patiala court

We, the undersigned lawyers practicing in Mumbai, condemn the undignified behavior of our professional colleagues in the Patiala House Court Complex, Delhi during this week. As members of the legal fraternity we are ashamed of their conduct which is neither becoming of the dignity of the profession nor as citizens of a free and democratic country. This is nothing but tyranny and mockery of a system we took an oath to practice in.

We practice in a system that recognizes freedom of speech and expression and a right to be represented before a court. As officers of the court and upholders of law it is not becoming of us lawyers to engage or indulge in such acts of assaulting, beating up and intimidating people within or outside the Court premises.  The conduct of assaulting any citizen of the country is not only taking law into our hands but proclaiming that we have no faith in justice and the very legal system we practice in.

Freedom of speech and expression is the very foundation of our practice and if these very rights and freedoms are curtailed it threatens the edifice of our profession.

A fundamental principle of law is that everyone is innocent till proven guilty and by such unbecoming conduct we are declaring the entire process of law infructuous. If guilt were to be decided outside the court, through popular sentiment the entire judicial process would be rendered meaningless. We as practitioners of law must desist from such conduct and uphold the dignity of the profession.

We write this open letter with the hope, that our fellow lawyers will respect and uphold the dignity of our profession.

  1. Anil Anturkar, Sr. Counsel
  2. Aspi Chinoy, Sr. Counsel
  3. Dinyar Madon, Sr. Counsel
  4. E. P Bharucha, Sr. Counsel
  5. Gayatri Singh, Sr. Counsel
  6. Janak Dwarkadas, Sr. Counsel
  7. Mihir Desai, Sr. Counsel
  8. Milind Sathe, Sr. Counsel
  9. Navroz Seervai, Sr. Counsel
  10. Rahul Narichania, Sr. Counsel
  11. Rajani Iyer, Sr. Counsel
  12. Ravi Kadam, Sr. Counsel
  13. Sanjay Singhvi, Sr. Counsel
  14. Shirish Gupte, Sr. Counsel
  15. Shyam Mehta, Sr. Counsel
  16. Venkatesh Dhond, Sr. Counsel
  17. Adv. Aabad Ponda
  18. Adv. Aayush Tainwala
  19. Adv. Abdul Bari Ansari
  20. Adv. Abhilasha Sharma
  21. Adv. Abhinav Tiwari
  22. Adv. Aditya Swarup
  23. Adv. Afreen  Khan
  24. Adv. Anita Castellino
  25. Adv. Apeksha Parekh
  26. Adv. Archana Rupwate
  27. Adv. Arshad Shaikh
  28. Adv. Arun Ferrera
  29. Adv. Asadulla A Sayed
  30. Adv. Asha Rudiyal
  31. Adv. Ayaz Shaikh
  32. Adv. Bruno Castellino
  33. Adv. Butul A Sayed
  34. Adv. D. British
  35. Adv. Deepa Chhabria
  36. Adv. Farhana Latief
  37. Adv. Flavia Agnes
  38. Adv. Hemant B. Kumar
  39. Adv. Hemant Ingle
  40. Adv. Imtiyaz Shaikh
  41. Adv. Irene Sequeira
  42. Adv. Jalaja Nambiar
  43. Adv. Jaya Menon
  44. Adv. Kanika Joshi
  45. Adv. Karl Tamboli
  46. Adv. Kranti LC
  47. Adv. Lara Jesani
  48. Adv. Maharukh Adenwalla
  49. Adv. Maneck Mulla
  50. Adv. Mani Prakash
  51. Adv. Manoj M Kadam
  52. Adv. Medha Deo
  53. Adv. Meenaz Kakalia
  54. Adv. Mini Mathew
  55. Adv. Monica Sakhrani
  56. Adv. Mridula kadam
  57. Adv. Mussadique Shaikh
  58. Adv. Naushad Engineer
  59. Adv. Nausheen Yousuf
  60. Adv. Nikhil Sakhardande
  61. Adv. Nilima Dutta
  62. Adv. Nita Bhatia
  63. Adv. Persis Sidhva
  64. Adv. Pradeep mandhyan
  65. Adv. Prajakta Keni
  66. Adv. Pranali Pawar
  67. Adv. Priyank Kapadia
  68. Adv. Raju Moray
  69. Adv. Rebecca Gonsalves
  70. Adv. Riddhi Dadia
  71. Adv. Robin Fernandes
  72. Adv. Roshni Tandale
  73. Adv. S M Algaus
  74. Adv. Sangeena Aliyar
  75. Adv. Sanober Keshwaar
  76. Adv. Sarah Kapadia
  77. Adv. Sarosh Bharuch
  78. Adv. Saumya Brajmohan
  79. Adv. Scherezad Parelvala
  80. Adv. Shalini Devi
  81. Adv. Sharan Jagtiani
  82. Adv. Sharmila Kaushik
  83. Adv. Shonottra H. Kumar
  84. Adv. Shrey Fatterpekar
  85. Adv. Shreya Jha
  86. Adv. Shruti Jadhav 
  87. Adv. Shweta Moray
  88. Adv. Siddha Pamecha
  89. Adv. Somasekhar Sundaresan
  90. Adv. Sonal Waingankar
  91. Adv. Sumangala Biradar
  92. Adv. Sunil R Pandey
  93. Adv. Surabhi Singh
  94. Adv. Suraj Sanap
  95. Adv. Suresh Rajeshwar
  96. Adv. Susan Abraham
  97. Adv. Swaraj Jadhav
  98. Adv. T. Parakkadan
  99. Adv. Utkarsh Mishra
  100. Adv. Veena Gowda
  101. Adv. Veena Johari
  102. Adv. Vidhi Kotak
  103. Adv. Vijay Hiremath
  104. Adv. Vinamra Kopariha
  105. Adv. Yug Mohit Chaudhry
  106. Adv. Zaman Ali




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