Opinion: Preserving caste privilege is media’s only goal in this Rabari Devi Twitter conversation

Media these days deliberately speaks the language of contempt towards those who challenge the status quo, are assertive and those who did not surrender to the Brahmanical hierarchical order.

Rabri devi
A Hindi reporter of a Brahmanical channel yesterday tweeted about former Bihar Chief Minister Rabari Devi and asked whether she can pronounce ‘Twitter’ three times. She has been Bihar’s CM for two terms and her background is well known. A few days back, her husband, also a former Bihar CM, Lalu Prasad Yadav was called ‘Lalua’ in a public meeting.

Those who know about Bihar’s caste prejudices know that the anchor saying ‘Lalua’ was deliberately hurting the OBCs and Dalits in Bihar. The CBI in Supreme Court spoke against Lalu Yadav and said that he wishes to indulge in politics and must be prohibited from doing so. The same CBI has now provided clean chit to all the criminals from Gujarat accused in the 2002 massacre case and other related cases. It is the same CBI, which is unable to pursue Pragya Thakur who is allowed to contest from Bhopal.
Indian media’s caste identities are well known. The Janeu that they wear even while claiming to be ‘progressive’ has been exposed. This is an age of information and nobody is depending on these paid trolls of the Sangh Parivar masquerading as journalists.
Media these days deliberately speaks the language of contempt towards those who challenge the status quo, are assertive and who did not surrender to the Brahmanical hierarchical order. Lalu Yadav is one of the biggest political leaders in our political history since independence who challenged this order in Bihar and gave people a voice but the Brahmanical narrative of Lalu Yadav is being ‘most corrupt’. They don’t see corruption in Modi. Even if you give his supporters proof, they just engage in below the belt discussions and arguments.
Remember how this media legitimised those who abused Ms Mayawati and spoke about her in absolutely filthy language. Even today, read the comment section of any news item related to Ms Mayawati and you will find the hidden hatred of the Janeudharis towards her. Phoolan was humiliated in a very similar way for long but all those who demolished Babri Mosque are heroes. The same media people are unable to remind BJP of its absolutely filthy role in defending the rape accused of Unnao, Kuldeep Singh Sengar. The Kathua story of the Brahmanical lies and crookedness is well known to be said here.
The Savarna media is prostrating before the Maharajas of Hindutva. They can’t do anything wrong. They are now the ‘greatest’ of our leaders. A leader who was despised by the media several years ago as criminal is today the hero of media, its Chanakya and those fighting against his politics of hatred and divisiveness are being abused.
Why has the media become a party in the propaganda of hatred and contempt? Yes, they have lost their credibility. Frankly, they never had any and can only be said to be destroying the lives of millions. When you watch these channels, you have to pop a few tablets to reduce your blood pressure.
Indian media lacks diversity in its newsrooms. It is blatantly casteist and racist in nature, particularly the electronic media. It’s Hindustan is twice born. Its nationalism is nothing but Brahmanical nationalism. It caters to these twice-born and builds up the narrative as per their thinking. Today, the entire media is building ups narrative to suit the interest of BJP and Hindutva and for that, it is going extra-miles. It is most afraid of the rise of the Ambedkarites and Dalits who have challenged the Savarna narratives and are building their own. It hates them.
Ms Mayawati, Lalu Yadav, Rabari Devi, Phoolan Devi, Akhilesh Yadav are the target because they challenged the monopoly of the Savarnas, contested it and shattered their ego which deeply hurt them. More than 30 years after the Mandal Commission report was accepted, the Savarnas still hate V P Singh the most, which explain their mindset and fear of losing power.
Fact is that you cannot hold to this power for long. Whether you amp up Rama or Hindutva, the political power will have to be shared with India’s Bahujans and remember they will not be self-serving but equal partners in India’s decision making bodies. In the 21st century, contempt and misuse of privileges will not work in the long term. The Dubeys, Jhas, Chaubeys, Tripathis, Chaturvedis, Guptas, Chawlas, Aggarwals will have to respect people’s mandate as well as the constitution to treat people with equality and must be made to feel that casteism is as dangerous as racism. In any other country, these party propagandists would have been thrown out of the organisations to protect the credibility of the institution but the Indian media houses are ‘bania ki dukan’ run by the brahmins so they remain immune to any consequences for their mischief and caste prejudices.
No issue Mr Dubey. Just write a few words about the merit of Sharma ji who is ‘more’ i.e. the peahen gets impregnated with the tears of her peacock mate or wisdom of those claiming to have the first plastic surgery in the form of Ganesha and more.
India’s media houses and their anchors will stoop low and use their casteist filth to humiliate them further as they know well that their time is up. They are only fighting this war on behalf of the ruling establishment to protect their caste privileges.
We hope people will give them a good answer.



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