Over 100 persons missing after Kisan Ganatantra Parade!

Farmers organisation forms a six-member committee to look into the whereabouts of the missing people. The concerning number adds to the rising death toll of 192 deaths.

farmers protest

Days after the mayhem of the Republic Day, farmers organisation Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) expressed concern on January 31, 2021 that more than a hundred people participating in the farmers parade still haven’t been found.

Leaders said they will gather information about such persons to initiate a formal action with authorities later on. In the meanwhile, the SKM formed a committee to look into the issues. Farmer leaders Prem Singh Bhangu, Rajinder Singh Deep Singh Wala, Avtar Singh, Kiranjit Singh Sekhon and Bajleet Singh are part of the committee.

“Any information on missing persons can be shared with 8198022033 with full name of the missing person, full address, phone number of the person and any other contact number at home and missing from when,” said the SKM during a press conference at the Singhu border.

Already, 192 people died by the early hours of February 1. Of those, five people died on Republic Day. Navreet Singh Hundal was another farmer’s son who died during the Republic Day events at ITO. Moreover, in an act of animal cruelty two horses of Nihang Singhs were killed as well.

Later, on January 28 and January 29 respectively, Kulwant Gagdewal died from a heart attack caused by shock of January 26 events while Bachan Singh died due to fatal injuries suffered during police lathi-charge on Tuesday. On Sunday, 21-year-old Shayra Pawara, a protester from Maharashtra, died at the Shahjahanpur border. The SKM expressed regret and said that her sacrifice will be remembered and will not go wasted.

In light of all this, the SKM condemned the government attack on the farmers’ movement in cutting off internet services of different protest sites. It said the government does not want real facts to reach protesting farmers, nor their peaceful conduct to reach the world. Leaders said the government intends to spread false tales about farmers because it fears the coordinated work of farmers’ unions and is trying to cut off communication between them. This is undemocratic and illegal, said the SKM.

Similarly, the SKM also denounced arrests of journalists like Mandeep Punia and others on false and fabricated charges claiming the government had done so for fear of being exposed for its real conspiracy. The farmers organisation also questioned the cordoning off of the protest sites from a long distance disallowing ordinary people and media personnel from reaching the Singhu Border.

“This is also to disrupt basic supplies like food and water. All these various attacks of the government are recognised by us as such, and we condemn the same”, said the SKM.

Nonetheless, farmers maintain that despite multiple attempts of violence by police and government, farmers will continue to oppose the three farm laws and the legalisation of the Minimum Support Price (MSP.)

“We want to clarify it to all the concerned citizens that Delhi Morcha are safe and peaceful,” said leaders.

Meantime, Rajasthan and Haryana farmers are to reach the Shahjahanpur border in large numbers. New groups of protesting farmers reached the Singhu Border and the Tikri Border as well while the Ghazipur protest site gained more and more supporters.


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