Pakistani Hindu girl apologises for cricketer’s “Jai Shree Ram” post on Eid

A former Pakistani Hindu cricketer had posted “Jai Shree Ram” on an Eid poster
Danish kaneria

A Pakistani Hindu, a Sindhi girl, issued an apology on her Twitter account for an obnoxious post by a Pakistani Hindu man on the occasion of Eid.

On the occasion of Eid, former Pakistani cricketer, Danish Kaneria put a post on his Twitter account, with the caption “Jai Shree Ram” while the photo that went along with it was “Eid Mubarak”. This tweet was celebrated by Indian Hindu nationalist on Twitter with comments like “Sabse bada bhakt Pakistan me hai (Biggest devotee (Hindutva) is in Pakistan)” and “proud of you”.

Quoting this tweet, a Sindhi Pakistani girl, apologised to all Muslims and said, “On Behalf of #PakistaniHindus, particularly #Hindus of #Sindh, I my sincere apologies to all the Muslims celebrating #Eidh, this fraud and corrupt snake is not a Hindu, he is only desperately appeasing #Hindutva terrorists in #India so that they offer him some job. #EidhMubarak”

The girl, Veemal Sindhu is a content creator with over 9,000 followers and as per her bio, a human rights activist, living in Canada,


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