Pakistani Hindu group condemns Trump’s statement linking terrorism to Islam

In wake of Donald Trump’s recent comments about terrorism and Islam, a Pakistan based Hindu group has now written to the US president expressing “anger and displeasure”.

Pakistani Hindu Council

In the letter, Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council, says, “I am deeply shocked by the news reports in which you tried to link terrorism with Islam, and the purpose of writing this letter is to record my protest in this regard.” He further says, “It is worth to note that all religions, either Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism or any other, forbid killing of innocent people, and urge strict punishment against culprits.”

Vankwanii reminds Trump of the great responsibility that comes with great power that his position brings saying, “Being the country head of only Super Power, heavy responsibilities lie on your shoulders to resolve conflicts for the sake of world peace.”

“It is therefore my sincere request to kindly take your words back and play your neutral role to resolve all worldly conflicts peacefully without any bias or prejudice.  Otherwise I am afraid that your statement would actually empower some extremist elements to carry on their agenda of hatred and violence against innocent people in the name of religion,” Dr Ramesh Vankwani concluded.

The entire letter may be read here:



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