Pandemic dance video teaches how to engage with Covid-19 

Vancouver-based  Indo-Canadian poet has a remedy to survive the current crisis by remaining connected with nature.   

Sherry Duggal, a naturopath and a teacher has recently produced Pandemic Dance, which is now posted on youtube. The video has generated a lot of curiosity and interest among people grappling with anxiety caused by social distancing and isolation in the time of Covid- 19.   

Through her performance punctuated with expressions of sadness and fear, Sherry makes us travel through what the real world is facing. The video ends with her hugging a tree with a sense of relaxation all over her face. That’s the key message she tries to convey. 

“That tree I actually hugged will always have a special place in my heart because it shared a moment with me. Nature speaks to you. Go out to nature”, she said during a live interview with Spice Radio. She added that Coronavirus is teaching us a lot of lessons, including why it is important to be grounded and connect with nature. 

“No matter how you are feeling. Put your foot on bare grass and bare soil and see what happens,” she said.  

According to her, nature teaches humanity about abundance and giving without asking.  She also cautioned people to be aware of their prejudices in the light of growing hate because of Covid-19. She believes that if nature does not discriminate and all races are equally affected by the pandemic then why humans should be discriminating against each other.  

Ever since Covid-19 broke out in China, there has been a spike in hate crimes against people of Asian heritage even in Vancouver. Notably, Sherry has previously made a video of her poem on racism. Titled as Between the Pages, it is also available on youtube.  


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