Paving a path for a more tolerant India, Muslim woman is seen offering Namaz in a Gurudwara

This showcase of religious harmony was reported from a Gurudwara in Indore

Muslim in Gurudwara

In our timelines filled with incidents full of hate-crime and religious intolerance, a video showing a Muslim woman offering Namaz in a Gurudwara brings forward the beauty of co-existence and acceptance in our diverse country. In the video, reportedly from Indore, a woman can be seen offering Namaz in a Gurudwara while people around her, presumably Sikhs, are going towards their Holy Granth to offer their prayers.

Reportedly, an arrangement had been made in the Baba Deep Singh Gurudwara for the stay of thirty girls from other cities as they considered the gurudwara safer for stay instead of a Dharamshala. This video brings forth the fact that religion doesn’t teach us to hate each other. These videos and photos convey the message of harmony, and are the most essential in today’s times.

The video can be viewed here:



This is not a lone incidence of tolerance shown by the Sikh community towards the Muslim community. The Sikhs, who are famous for stepping up in the times of need and opening their doors to everyone, religion no bar, has stood by the Muslim community on many instances.

In December 2022, a Sikh family in Barnala district of Punjab had reportedly donated land for mosque, which they were also to help construct. This was the first mosque that was being constructed in the Bakhtgarh village and would have provided relief to the Muslim families who had to travel five kilometers to pray. Considering the challenge to the Muslims, Amandeep, a resident of the village, had donated 250 square yards of his field. He had gotten the land registered with the Tehsildar’s office under the name of Noorani Masjid. The construction cost, approximated to be Rs 12 lakh, was also to be borne by Hindus and Sikhs.

In November 2021, while Hindutva groups prowled the streets of Gurugram, Haryana, and regularly disrupted Friday namaz with protests over the past two months. Sherdil Sidhu, head of Gurugram Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee, had told the media, in the presence of Mufti Mohammad Saleem, president of the Jamiat Ulama in Gurgaon, that the Gurudwara of Gurugram Sadar Bazar will be opened this Friday for Muslims to offer namaz, if Hindu organisations protest Muslims praying in congregation. 



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