PEACE organises a movement for “saving the nation” in Nagpur

Chalo Desh Bachaye, a meeting by civil society organisations on Independence Day marks a turn in attempts to quell hate.

On August 17, 2023, concerned citizens and activists converged for the 26th meeting of the Nirbhay Bano movement in Nagpur. Under the banner “Chalo Desh Bachaye,” this event, was organised by the group People for Equality, Amity and Communal Emancipation (PEACE), and unfolded at the Vasantrao Deshpande auditorium.

The meeting saw a wide variety of civil society luminaries come and talk. One of the speakers, Suresh Dwadashiwar, a distinguished Senior Literary Writer, spoke on history, spotlighting the RSS’s curious stance in 1947. Dwadashiwar recounted the RSS’s reluctance towards the tricolour and the Constitution, and how the RSS asked why is there a tricolour flag when there was already a saffron flag, or what is the need for the Constitution when there is Manusmriti. Dwadeshiwar also went on to ask why the Sangh did not protest against Godse when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, and how the RSS refuses to speak against Godse even today. He spoke about corruption in ministers in Nagpur, and also spoke about how, in recent years, we have seen education ministers who are not qualified for the position, which he went on to explain that it meant literate, educated people have not performed their duty when electing people in power.

Another speaker was Leelatai Chitale, an old freedom fighter. Her passionate plea for unity echoed in the auditorium as she talked about voices uniting against injustice and oppression.

With the spotlight firmly on the future, Advocate Asim Sarode stepped forward speaking about the importance of public participation in the making of laws.

Similarly, Dr. Vishwambhar Chaudhari, a grassroots activist, lent his words to the proceedings. He spoke about the ideals and objective of the ‘Nirbhay Bano’ movement – a movement that transcends rhetoric to foster tangible change. Dr. Chaudhari declared there is an impending battle between Modi/Shah and the very spirit of India and that there is a need to stop the current government from being re-elected. He affirmed that this battle is not just political, but a battle for the soul of the nation, and went on to end by saying, “Democracy is being destroyed and we will do whatever it takes to save our democracy and our constitution.”

One such similar event was held in Ahmedabad, where former Gujarat CM Suresh Mehta launched a new platform to counter hate, corruption and inflation.



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