Photo Feature: Evicted villagers struggle to rebuild lives in Dhalpur

Images of how evicted families are somehow living in makeshift shelters, that are often just straw and bamboo tied together with rope
A woman trying to rebuild her family_s life in a makeshift hut
On October 3, CJP’s Assam team led by state in-charge Nanda Ghosh, and including Advocate Abhijeet Choudhary, District Volunteer Motivators (DVM) Joynal Abedin and Habibul Bepari, as well as six dedicated community volunteers of Darrang District, went back to the site of where evicted families are trying desperately to seek shelter from the elements. Here are a few heart-rending images captured by our team.
A hut constructed by evicted families

Evicted families sleep in makeshift huts constructed from straw and bamboo

Older children baby-sitting their younger siblings sleeping in cribs made of sarees

Temporary shelters created by evicted families

Debris from demolished homes being used to build new temporary structures

An upturned and broken dining table, a pot over an open flame – remains of a kitchen

Even a baby can sense that his world has turned upside down

Older children draw comfort in the company of friends

A morsel of bread is a rare treat for these starving children

A woman fetches water for her family

Another woman goes about her daily chores

Evicted families piecing together their shattered lives

Nothing is left standing on the site where once was a thriving village



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