Pistol brandishing man threatens Shaheen Bagh protesters

Locals overpower him and confiscate his weapon, even as he threatens to drop bodies

Image Courtesy: indiatoday.in

On Tuesday, much drama ensued at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, the site of the largest sit-in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). A man wielding a pistol entered the area and warned that if the area was not cleared, “lashein girengi” or bodies will drop.

Locals quickly overpowered the man and took away his gun. The entire drama was caught on camera and went viral on social media. It may be viewed here:


The man wearing a baseball cap claimed that the protesters were causing inconvenience by occupying the street and blocking the flow of traffic. But what is noteworthy is that the gun welding man manded up at the protest just a day after BJP Minister Anurag Thakur allegedly incited armed violence against the protesters saying, “Goli maaro s***on ko.”

Shaheen Bagh protests have shaken the administration like no other and that is why protesters here have been routinely targeted by many high-ranking members of the ruling party. But what is most significant is that the Shaheen Bagh protest has been led by women, from housewives to grandmothers, from students to professionals. Often such resilient women intimidate people in power. This is also probably why after failing to malign their character by calling them “badkirdaar auratein” a need was felt to silence them with guns. But Shaheen Bagh will not be silenced.



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