Police Brutality leaves Youth Leader Richa Singh with Internal Head Injuries

After being brutally assaulted during a Peace March in Allahabad on Tuesday, youth leader and Samajwadi Party spokesperson Richa Singh has now been diagnosed with internal head injuries.


Richa Singh
The injuries were discovered during an MRI scan at a hospital on Wednesday morning. Communicating exclusively with Teesta Setalvad on Wednesday, the former student leader said, “I have sustained internal head injury due to yesterday’s police assault in Allahabad. It was revealed today after MRI. I had to be hospitalised again this morning.” 
Singh suspects that she was singled out by the cops and targeted specifically given her history of protests against the Adityanath administration. Singh holds the distinction of being the first woman to be elected President of the Allahabad University Students Union and has organised black flag protests against Adityanath. “I was specifically targeted by the police because of vendetta,” she said. 

SP leader Akhilesh Yadav was to address University students at a program in Allahabad on that day, but the administration did not even allow him to board his flight from Lucknow. This led to Richa and other student leaders participating in a Peace March to protest the administrations heavy-handedness.  

Richa Singh was allegedly left bleeding and unconscious on the road. When some of the protesters tried to take her to a hospital, the police promptly arrested her and whisked her away to the police station! She was admitted to hospital only later. SP Chhatra Sabha leader Illyas Adnan who was at the spot said, “Richa Singh sustained head injuries and they also broke two of her teeth! She fell unconscious but we were not even allowed to take her to the hospital. She was arrested and taken to police lines!”



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