Police failure to protect JNU from terror attack needs to be independently investigated

PoliceImage Courtesy: countercurrents.org

The terror attack on JNU last night is a reminder of how the BJP has increasingly supported lumpenism and goondaism of its student wing Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) during the last few years, particularly after the Narendra Modi government took over. It is a well known fact that ABVP is unable to take the opponent head on in most of the campuses in India and is now actively encouraged and promoted by the state apparatus to make its presence felt.

There is nothing wrong for different political ideologies flourishing in the student group as they are the future of the country and need fearless debate and discussion. Unfortunately, democratic debate and discussions have now been completely closed in political parties. Most of the parties have left the politics of mass mobilisation and act according to their convenience and suitability. The protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act as well as NPR and NRC is purely a people’s protest as well as that of the students, and in this entire exercise, JNU remains pivotal and an inspiration to all the people of India.

The fact is that during the last five years, after this government took over, JNU became their number one target as they wanted to teach the ‘leftists’ a lesson. After failing to take on them politically, they also couldn’t understand how a bunch of these people were able to shout aloud, with their head high and with complete understanding of the issue; explaining to the world and stand up fighting for the cause not only of their own but also of the people.

That the RSS-BJP affiliates have no interest in the education of the marginalised and their target is JNU is because the institution has provided hope and aspirations to millions of India’s youth who come from socially and economically backward communities and the most marginalised sections of our society. It is impossible for a rural poor of any community to get admission into any prestigious institutions in the country as the government is hell bent to make education a domain of the brahminical elite and deny the marginalised their due.

JNU is a target because it has provided India what opposition parties failed to do, a credible critique of the current government’s policies and activities. That is the reason why it got the tag of being ‘anti national’. Have you heard any government and its leaders speaking against its own university which provide India a huge number of bureaucrats, as well as political activists and leaders?

The worst part of the current dispensation is the absolute unprofessionalism of the police and its tacit support to the rogue and goonda elements of the political right. The ABVP can’t do anything in any campuses without active police support and the police can’t do it without the support of the higher ups. Already, jolted with yesterdays events, the political leaders of the ruling party still spoke the same language such as “we condemn the violence in the campus as it tarnishes the image of a ‘reputed’ institution'” and the Home Minister asking for action against the ‘tukde tudke gang’. Isn’t it true that the hint to take action against it’s political opponents came from the top BJP leadership ? Isn’t it true that police and paramilitary forces are now considering every political opponent of BJP as ‘criminal’ and ‘anti national’. Can we an imagine or expect independent investigation and impartial attitude from such agencies who have developed such a thinking and are now behaving as ruling party political militias?

We are in a state of hopelessness. The answer to this frustration and hopelessness will emerge from powerful movements and an equally important role will be of the judiciary which is not visible at the moment but we hope it plays the role of our constitutional guardian. The Supreme Court must form a committee on police reforms and take serious action erring police officials.

As far as the JNU violence is concerned, it is time for the Delhi police to come clean on it. How did it allowed the goons to enter the campus and then let them go? Why have none of them been arrested even when most of the media has openly carried reports of planned action allegedly by the ABVP members in Delhi University? Will the BJP speak against its own student wing and take action against the goons who invaded JNU?

It is not the JNU which is attacked, but it is a message to all students and educational institutions to shut their mouth and toe the line of India’s ruling party. It is a message to all the opponent to keep quiet or face the party militia and that left, Ambedkarite, freethinkers, humanists should not expect any police support if they are attacked by right wing goons. This is serious and must be a matter of concern for all those who believe in the Constitution and the idea of a secular, plural and inclusive India. It is time to stand up and protect our constitutional values and our India from those who wish to impose a Manuwadi theocracy over us by destroying our educational institutions, beating up opponents, intimidating students who stand for secular constitutional values and controlling our information with fake news. The fact is whatever they feel, the unity of all Indians and right thinking people world over, they are now frustrated and afraid. The oppressive regime has finally waken up the people of India to reclaim our secular republic. Thank you Sarkar for your good work in uniting the people and making them celebrate our diversity. Jai Hind.



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