Police file FIR against BJP leaders after seen holding weapon at Ram Navami rally

The BJP leaders in West Bengal are under the limelight for allegedly holding weapons - and even threatening the police and locking them up, during the Ram Navami processions in the state.

The West Bengal police has taken action and filed an FIR against BJP leaders in the state after they were discovered to be holding weapons during the processions in Rampurhat, as per report.

The people who are named in the FIR include Debashish Dhar, the BJP candidate for the Birbhum Lok Sabha seat, and Dhruba Saha, the BJP district president, along with 11 others. They face charges filed by the Rampurhat police under several sections, including Section 188 for engaging in anti-social activities, Section 34 for organised offences, and Sections 25 and 27 of the Unlawful Arms Act related to possession of illegal weapons.

Around 5000 rallies were reportedly planned for this Ram Navami in West Bengal by a group called Hindu Jagran Manch, which is known for its extreme right-wing views. On April 16 the Calcutta High Court had granted permission to rallies by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Anjani Putra Sena, and allowed them to go ahead with their planned route for Ram Navami. However, the court took this step only after it told the organisers and authorities to ensure that no law and order issues take place, no weapons are displayed, and no DJs participate in the rallies. However, several men were seen waving swords at the rally.

The state had reportedly been on high alert during Ram Navami festivities, Bengal police had reportedly used all available resources to prevent any trouble or law-breaking.

Furthermore, former IPS officer and BJP Lok Sabha candidate Debasish Dhar, was seen in a video where he can be seen brandishing a sword. The candidate was in Birbhum District of West Bengal and reportedly participating in a Shobha Yatra when the video was shot.

Dhar has meanwhile replied and stated that there were no weapons, “There was no procession with weapons. We have followed the directions of the Calcutta High Court. I worked in the police for a long time. It is wrong to think that I do not know the law.” As per the Deccan Chronicle, Dhar had previously been suspended from his post in the IPS. He was reportedly suspended and posted an ‘officer in compulsory waiting,’ before he resigned from the service.

Similarly, another FIR was filed against BJP MLA Agnamitra Paul and fifteen others on April 17. The police have alleged that these leaders threatened the police and locked them up inside during the Ram Navami processions in West Bengal’s West Midnapore. Paul had instead himself gone to the police station book an FIR against Mamata Bannerjee.

PM Modi had accused Trinamool Congress (TMC) of trying to disrupt Ram Navami festivities in the state. To this, CM Mamata Banerjee claimed that the BJP was trying to incite riots before the Lok Sabha elections.



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