UP Police now claim that Hathras Dalit victim was not raped!

UP ADG Prashant Kumar, says forensic report confirm that victim wasn’t raped, says action will be taken against ‘misinformation’

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The Uttar Pradesh Police are now claiming that the 19-year-old Dalit girl from Hathras, who herself had alleged that she was sexually assaulted and tortured by four men on September 14, wasn’t raped! Two weeks later, the girl died of her injuries, and was cremated at night by the UP administration, while her family was allegedly kept away by the UP police. The police denied that allegation, even though visuals of the girl’s pyre burning, surrounded by only cops, are still being shared on social media and have been reported widely  in mainstream media. The 19-year-old Dalit girl was assaulted by four ‘upper caste’ men on September 14 and was referred to Safdarjung Hospital on Monday in an extremely critical condition with spinal injuries and paralysis. She had died on September 29, and forcibly cremated at around 3 AM on September 30.

By the evening of October 1, 2020, the Uttar Pradesh Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar has told the media that the forensic report of the victim does not establish rape. “Postmortem report says the victim died due to her neck injury. FSL report hasn’t found sperm in samples, making it clear that some ppl twisted the matter to stir caste-based tension. Such people will be identified & legal action will be taken,” Kumar was quoted by news agencies, and the statement reposted widely. The senior policeman cited the medical report, post-mortem report from Safdarjung Hospital and FSL forensic report.


However, as senior journalists point out, the post mortem report mentioned ‘old and healed injuries to her private parts’ which experts say could have healed during her treatment. The report “does not commit to rape as it’s not the cause of death”. It is an established fact that sperm is not always found in samples taken from the victim, and other samples and parameters are examined to established rape, such as injuries, scarring, blood clots, even hair and skin tissue that can belong to the accused and can be found on the victims, even under nails in cases of struggle.




Social media users also shared the Dalit girl’s statement, when she managed to speak even as she was fighting for life.


According to news reports the senior policeman called the rape allegation “completely wrong information” and added that “action will be taken” against those “who spread misinformation to create caste tensions” in UP.


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