“Pour petrol on his house, not water”: Pakistani mullah incites death on Ahmadi Muslims

In another major escalation of anti-Ahmadiyya sentiment in Pakistan, a radical religious cleric "Syed Mohammad Sibtian Shah Naqvi of Sarghoda", with a significant social media following, has called for a total boycott of Ahmadi Muslims.

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Intolerance and hatred towards Ahmadis in Pakistan are nothing new rather, the phenomenon has a history, going back over decades which is also gaining momentum everyday. State silence or complicity especially with regards to religious clerics who spew venom sanctions the hate, and potentiality of violence.

Recently another instance of such an attack against Ahmadiyas was witnessed.  Systematic marginalisation of Ahmadis in all walks of life, because of their religious beliefs is not considered condemnable and Ahmadis are being treated as such a class which has no basic human rights and a recent incident in District Chakwal demonstrates this better reality.

In a speech made recently, Syed Mohammad Sibtian Patron Makazi, Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadees, Punjab; Founder and Principal of Markaz Imam Bukhari Sargodha went to the inhumane extent of saying if an Ahmadi’s house is on fire, you should pour petrol on it, not water. This egregious and toxic statement risks influencing impressionable youth in an environment already extremely hostile to Ahmadi Muslims who have every basic human right stripped away from them in the country. Their voice is being suffocated as Ahmadi representatives are being de-platformed at events and educational institutions.  

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Last year, 2021,  saw a violent and cynical escalation of anti-Ahmadiyya activities with grievous murders, gravestones vandalised and Mosques attacked. Now the new year begins with fresh calls for violence, hatred and inhumane action against Ahmadis, in unrelenting systemic persecution against the peaceful and charitable Ahmadiyya Muslims Community.   

The cleric went on to claim that minority rights apply to Jews, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus but not to Ahmadis. “The rights of the minorities are for the Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and it is not for them. There cannot be any relaxation with Mirzaiat and Qadianiat.”  

He said: “To eat, drink, sit, stand, do business, to be with them in their moment of sadness and moment of happiness, to buy things from their shop, to give them things from your shop, to hire them as salesmen all these things fall under the category of being Haraam.”  

The mullah went on the further dehumanise Ahmadis in a sickening and twisted speech which echoes the worst crimes of ostracisation and ‘othering’ seen in human history.   

“If a Mirzai [deregoatory term for Ahmadis] passes away his funeral should not be offered, if he falls ill he should not be attended, if he is found fallen down on the road he should not be taken to the hospital, if his house catches fire while he is in living in your neighbourhood, and if possible you can pour petrol on it no water.” 

This level of dehumanisation is not only against international human rights but every basic human and moral principle. It reeks of extreme hatred, prejudice and venom. This kind of rhetoric continues in Pakistan with authorities turning a blind eye. Anti-Ahmadiyya laws give license for such degraded sentiment to flourish with impunity.  

The International Human Rights Committee (IHRC) through a statement by Nasim Makil, its general secretary, that also represents Ahmadiyas has urged the international community to pressure the government of Pakistan to afford Ahmadi Muslims the same basic standards of human rights and protection of minorities offered to others and enshrined in international human rights laws.  

On July 13, 2021, UN human rights experts had expressed their deep concern over the lack of attention to the serious human rights violations perpetrated against the Ahmadiyya community around the world and called on the international community to step up efforts in bringing an end to the ongoing persecution of Ahmadis.  

The international community has been urged to pressure the Government of Pakistan to honour its responsibility to provide protection to all its citizens, ensure freedom of religious practice to Ahmadis, and bring perpetrators of inciters of such vicious attacks to justice. The Government of Pakistan must also bring its laws and practices in conformity with international standards as ordained by Article 2, 18 and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Article 25, 26. 

The entire transcript of the hate-filled speech may be read here:


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