Prakash Raj to Hindutva groups: Don’t waste our time

Actor Prakash Raj has once again slammed the Hindutva groups, this time for raking up India’s history involving Taj Mahal and the 18th century brave warrior, Tipu Sultan.

Prakash Raj

In a Twitter post, the popular actor wrote, ‘Instead of focussing omn farmers’ plight.. jobs to the simmering youngsters of our country, roads, schools, hospitals…..instead of focusing on governance and development but on just winning elections..

“Why are you politicians wasting our time digging history #tipusultan #tajmahal and creating hatred for which WE THE LIVING are not responsible..#justasking.”


Prakash Raj’s comments came in the wake of atrocious comments made by a union minister calling the brave Mysore ruler, who died fighting the British, a rapist. Ananthkumar Hegde had also called Tipu a mass murderer. Even though President Ram Nath Kovind had recently said that the 18th century ruler had died fighting the British.

Prakash Tweet

Elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh, Hindutva forces have made more comical commenst questioning the history behind Taj Mahal, one of the seven global wonders.

Earlier this month, Prakash had slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for  his silence on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh while calling the latter a better actor than him.

Raj also said that the would return the give National Awards he has received for his acting skills to recognise that Modi was a better actor.

Speaking at a function organised by Democratic Youth Federation of India in Bangalore on Sunday, Raj questioned Modi’s decision to follow vicious trolls on social media, who regularly attacked journalists and issued rape and death threats.

He said that while he was not sure who had killed Lankesh, he knew exactly who was celebrating the journalist’s murder.

Courtesy: Janta Ka Reporter



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