Pravin Togadia urges Hindus to join AHP and Bajrang Dal, to prepare for a battle

AHP leader urges to make Hindus prosperous, making India Muslim free

Hate Speech
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A video of Pravin Togadia, president of the far-right extremist Hindutva group, Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) has been making rounds on social media again. In the said video, the notorious hate-offender has against indulged in giving a hate speech attacking the minorities. Through this speech, Togadia, with the aim of provoking his audience and encouraging them to joining AHP, brought up the Gujarat model and the role he played in the pre-planned massacre of more than 2000 Muslims in Gujarat. This incident has been reported from Jind, Haryana. He can be heard saying that he helped “set up a model in Gujarat wherein nobody will dare to raise a finger against Hindus.” The full speech has been provided below.

The speech

“Yeh aapke dhayaan mei humne model khada kar diya, hinduon par koi ungli nahi uthaega. Ungli uthaega toh uski nani yaad aa jaegi. (Keeping you in mind we set up a model in Gujarat. Nobody will raise a finger against Hindus. If one does, he will regret it.)”

Aur yeh jab maine khada kiya, toh meri umar sirf 30 saal ki thi. Mai 25 saal ki umar mei nikal tha aur 30 ki umar mei sab control kar liya tha (When I set up that model, my age was just 30 years. I left for this task at the age of 25, and when I reached 30, I controlled everything.)”

“Hum agle 5-10 saal mei, sadak par ladai aegi 40 saal ke kareeban. Ya unke 5-10 saal pehle aa sakti hai. (There will be an open fight in the streets in the next 40 years. Or it may come five to ten years earlier.)”

“Hum unka intezaar nahi karenge. Hum agle 5-10 saalo mei hinduon ke raksha ki full proof vyavastha karenge. (We won’t wait for that long. In the next 5-10 years, we will set up a strong arrangement for the protection of Hindus.)”

“Isliye, yeh sab prayas hum sabke beta, beti, pota, poti sab karenge. Hum sabke ghar, betiyan, aur sampatti ki raksha ke liye. Yeh karte karte gareebi bhi durr ho. (Therefore, all these efforts need to be made by all of our sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.Our houses, daughters, and properties have to be protected. While doing this, poverty should be eradicated too.)”

“Rozgaar bhi mile. Kissano ko fasal ke daam bhi mile. Yeh bhi karte jaenge taaki Hindu dheere dheere samrudhi ki aur badhe. (Everyone should get employment. Farmers should get the prices of their crops. We will try to do all of this too to make Hindus prosperous.)”

“Aur yeh karte samay samruddhi humare paas khadi ho rahi hai. Koi luttne wali Babur kki aulaad ko Bharat mei khade hone nahi denge.(And by doing this, prosperity will reach us. We will not let any looters, the children of Babur stand out here.)”

Chants of Jai Shree Ram from the audience can be heard.

“Toh aapko kya karna hai? Humare saath judo seedhe. Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad aur Bajrang Dal ke sadasya bano. Yeh Hinduon ko jeetane ka jung hai. (So what do you have to do? Join us. Become a member of the Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. This is a war to make Hindus win.)”

The video can be viewed here:

Previous instances of Hate Speech against Muslims

Even last month, Pravin Togadia gave an anti-Muslim hate speech in Haryana. In the video, he could be seen addressing a big audience and saying that they need to work on getting a Population control law, “love jihad” law, and to kick out Bangladeshis (often reference for Muslims) out of India. 

In his speech made on April 6, in Golokganj, Dhubri district, last year, he had claimed that Dhubri now has only “20% Hindus” with 12,00,000 Muslims having “infiltrated” from Bangladesh, and had demanded a DNA test of Muslim migrants who came here after 1951. 

On December 11, 2022, Togadia had again brazenly targeted the minority community, demanding that they be barred from equality of existence and constitutional rights. Addressing a mob there, he had said, “I’ll bring in a law whereby there can be no SP, PM, DM from any other community.”  He had further added, “In my Hindu Rastra there will be no Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. For me, Vikas (development) is only for Hindus.  He also claimed, “It’s our land and we are its rightful heirs.”  “We will bring the Uniform Civil Code just like Ram Mandir and will control the Muslim population.” He had gone on to say that, “In my regime, no Muslim (will) get any constitutional post”.


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