Pray at home: Mosques urge citizens to offer namaaz at home on Eid

EId-Ul-Fitr is set to be celebrated in India on either May 24 or May 25, depending on the sighting of the moon

pray at home

As the holy month of Ramzan comes to an end, mosques all over the country are asking the faithful to pray at home on Eid given the Covid-19 lockdown situation in the country. In Guwahati, the city’s oldest mosque, Burha Jame Masjid is spreading the message of ‘Ghar pe namaaz’ after it decided to not hold public prayers in its premises this year keeping in mind the safety of the people during the pandemic.

The mosque committee took the decision on Tuesday after it observed that confusion was brewing among Muslims in the city following lockdown relaxations. Nizamul Haque, general secretary of the Burha Jame Masjid, told The Telegraph, “With lockdown 4.0 easing public movement, many in the community thought that they will be able to offer namaz on Id day with social restrictions. But we don’t want any such confusion to exist. So we have decided not to hold public prayers this Id for the safety of all. For now, it’s important to observe social distancing strictly. We want everyone to pray at home.”

He added, “It’s time to pray for a better future for the entire human race. If we can overcome this crisis, we will get enough opportunity to celebrate in future. But going shopping in defiance of all safety norms is not advisable. We urge everyone to stay away from gatherings.”

The mosque committee appealed to people in the state to follow lockdown restrictions and refrain from extensive Eid shopping, after reports of parents shopping with their children and people crowding markets even during the lockdown came in.

In West Bengal too, the Bengal Imams Association (BIA) thanked its members for praying from home during the month of Ramzan and urged that they follow the practice up until Eid-Ul-Fitr and offer namaaz at home with their family on the day of the festival, Hindustan Times reported.

BIA Chairman Md Yahia said that the procedure of observing prayers at home during the pandemic had changed as men and women were now offering prayers together at home.

He said, “Remember that your wife, daughter, sister can offer prayers along with you. Isn’t that a welcome development,” urging that every Muslim pray for a coronavirus-free mankind.

The Nakhoda Masjid, one of the prominent mosques in Kolkata too said that there wouldn’t be any gathering for prayers on the day of Eid, asking people to pray from home with their families.

Meanwhile, an online prayer meet

The Ma’Din Academy in Malappuram, Kerala, which holds one of the largest prayer meets during Ramzan, held a mega online prayer meet on Tuesday. Thousands of Sunni followers from all over the world attended this online prayer meet led by Ma’Din Chairman Syed Ibrahim Khaleel Bukhari, reported The Hindu.

During the prayer meet, Syed Bukhari called upon the followers to act responsibly in the times of the pandemic. He said everyone had the responsibility to safeguard not only their lives but that of others too. 

“Each human life is sacred. It is a blessing from God. No harm or damage can be done to any life because of our carelessness,” he said.

Congratulating Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister KK Shailaja on their handling of the pandemic, he said that harming a life through negligence or irresponsible behaviour constituted a great sin.

He called upon the people to cooperate with the government and the health workers in the fight against COVID-19. “It is very much part of our faith. It is our responsibility. That’s why we all have stayed at home by closing down our mosques even during the holiest month of Ramzan. The vigil should continue through Id-ul-Fitr as well,” he said.


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