Principal of Pune school assaulted by extremist Hindu mob, police allege accusation raised to be false

A video shows the principal running in the school with torn clothes, being chased by a big mob

A video of a man running in a building, wearing torn clothes, while a mob of people are seen chasing after him has been going viral over social media, and is being shared widely. The said mob can be heard loudly raising slogan of ‘Har Har Mahadev’. Unsurprisingly, people can also be seen making a video while the man is running away. The man is seen in a torn shirt as he runs up the stairs of a building. A person from the mob then assaults him but is stopped by the others.

The video can be viewed here:

Based on many media reports, the man in the video, who is being chased, is the principal of DY Patil High School in Ambi village, a school in Maharashtra’s Pune district. On July 4, he was allegedly assaulted by angry members of the Bajrang Dal, a Hindutva outfit, who claimed that students had been asked to sing a Christian prayer. The police have stated that the mob also had objections to a closed-circuit television camera in a passage between the girls’ and boys’ washrooms, as per a report by Scroll.

As per the information provided in Scroll’s report, Police Inspector Ranjit Sawant of the Talegaon MIDC area stated that a few parents, accompanied by a group belonging to a Hindutva outfit, assaulted Alexander Coates Reid and tore his clothes.

Sawant shed some light on the accusation raised by the mob, he stated that the camera to which they objected was not inside the cubicles but “outside in the passage”. On the claims that the students were asked to sing a Christian prayer every morning, Sawant said that “It is a common prayer that starts with ‘Oh Lord’. “The parents said it is a verse from the Bible. But there is nothing in the prayer that hints at conversion or anything from the Bible,” Sawant said, as reported by Scroll.

The police inspector further said that the authorities are inquiring into the matter based on the application submitted by a parent, meanwhile the school has not registered any complaints. He also stated that preventive action may be taken by the police against those who assaulted the principal.

An unnamed school official also told Scroll that the incident occurred on Tuesday when a group of nearly 100 men stormed into the school. They tore the principal’s clothes “and made false accusations”, this person stated, adding that the police arrived and brought everything under control.

The unnamed person then clarified that all the teachers and all students are in full support of the principal.


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