Prof. K N Panikkar’s call to observe History Week in India

Historiography appears to be under threat in India and there are concerns that this might be the result of alleged political patronage of right wing fundamentalist groups by the present ruling dispensation. Several media reports suggest that these right wing fundamentalist forces aim to assert their dominance over India by rewriting history, allegedly with the complete support of the government. 

In the light of this increasing threat from the right wing, eminent historian K N Panikkar has appealed to the History organisations in the country to observe a History Week. Prof. Panikkar is known for his work on intellectual and cultural history of colonial India. He has taught in different prestigious universities in India and also served as the vice-chancellor of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kerala. He suggested it is the need of the hour to take history and history writing out of the seminar halls and present it to the common masses. This would bring much broader discussions and awareness among the young generation to counter the attacks on the History of India.



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