The Prosperity of Trigger

With the trigger prospering unabatedly without any let off, the autumn in Kashmir is characteristically more auburn, crimsoned and of course paler and tawny russet than before, both the perspiration from sky as well as shedding of the human blood – a deluge of death continues in free style. Death looks a happy go hunting, plucking of the buds, turning the whole orchard into a telltale of woe struck populace who are destined to be traumatized, tortured, and brutally assassinated.

Call back a Firdausi, the court poet, the traditional Kashmiri nature loving poets to reproduce the lines to paraphrase this ill fated land barraged and ripped by bullets ,bombs and torture halls, they feel like this-
A Disney land unlikely despicable,
The deluge of death makes deplorable
The denizens of a dream land.Here dreams dart and dash into desolation
Death, devastation and destruction. Dance and delves on a drum
Gone distant to humanity!

Actually more pain than pen can capture and ink can paint. The whole month colored with the blood of human beings. Faces and bodies convulsed to perennial coldness, souls shaken eternally and the living pushed to the nail biting ghastly fisting of chests, awes and owes that spring from the divinely fountains of the heart and gather in the divinely lamps (unfortunately eyes and the sight in the eyes) at the risk of a shot, And a barrage of bullets call an end to the beam of light and ray of peace. This is the real picture of Kashmir, contrasting the narrative/meta narratives/points and counterpoints over striding and setting aside all the dismal and disgruntling explanation, expostulations and interpolations of demagogues blindly turned into sentimental nationalists,the madcaps of mainstream electronic media who loose no time and tide to heap, praise and eulogize the tactics and antics of suppression and act as armchairs of Indian military state. Unfortunately these include sadomasochistic moustached sadists, who come well capped and equipped to romanticize death as a method to safeguard the territorial integrity of their motherland. Add sound to the furry are the gonzo and sensational devil ridden journalists who cry hoarse and leave truth in the dock. These are sold souls who attempt a ludicrous attempt to moralize the dehumanizing disgusting deeds.

All these measures of perversion, subversion and diversion are half measured doomed to be ineffectual because the military state of India is up against a population of living souls who have safeguarded this movement for liberation with young, hot and lukewarm sensible blood. This is more painful state for India than for Kashmir because India is tottering to keep herself relevant to Kashmir despite all bravado and braggadocio of boasting herself as a socialist, secular republic and world’s largest and towering democracy. Pitifully it neither had that suzerainty nor the legitimacy and authority over the people of Kashmir. Therefore, no moral locus-standi or space in the hearts of the people here, not to speak of love which to them would be a far cry. synchronically, if and when India emerges as true democracy and demagogues will be replaced by true democrats who will take in hand the saddle and reins of the country, India will concede to the forlorn wish of Kashmiris and come to respect the sentiments of the people unlike its undemocratic distortion and suppression of the facts concomitantly her success to downplay the tragedy of Kashmir.

As of now,there are no signs of transformation and transmigration of pure souls into the ruthless body Indian rulers who have given a free rope to its military arm and have turned blind to the misery of Kashmir. On the other hand, Kashmiris continues to bleed unchecked and unbridled to imponderable extent. Such is a catastrophe that life seems to have no purpose, as if to live is a curse and life is pain, and wounds in the hearts have gone carcogenic that only wish is to die, and hate and apathy with India is complete; this is beyond alienation more of a wish for annihilation. Dangerously a post on face book got viral wherein an appeal is extending to Pakistan to drop an atom bomb and kill all of us the only good would be some eight lakh occupiers would also die.

Call it a perverted wish! File a sedition charge; this is how mostly it is addressed. But can you face this imbroglio and defrock the idea of distancing? This is a mere wish but it has a signification people don’t want to live here. The only good is if a friend kills them. It recalls an Egyptian who killed his beloved to save her honour from the thugs. For sensible Indians and they too are in abundance, this is a clarion call. This comes in the backdrop of spat of deaths and bloodshed. Can you respond to a situation if you will see?

The fusillade of bullets unmasking the beautiful faces to point of undoing their identity, and the scattered parts with head chopped of, fingers cut of the hands, the chest opened by the bullets creating as huge a whole as a palm, thighs blasted under the rubble of a house raised to the ground,. A sea of mourners hell-bent to reach the sight of encounter knowing well there beloved sons unlike to be militants were drowned towards the gun by long pending dispute that eats their children irrespective of age and activism it has blown up its blooming buds and the flourishing young men of immense wit and power undoing in cold her teenagers who otherwise are as meek as little lambs and as innocent as doves, its scholars unaccustomed to the trigger yet choose to die.

This is actual narrative of Kashmir India can’t displace and replace it because it is the insiders and inmate experiencing his pain of survival amidst the ebb and flow of death. Gone of days India could have won back the trust of people of Kashmir. They have lost all the opportunity and sincerity and they are abysmally divergent entities. One is the oppressor the other oppressed, one has inflicted pain, the other bears and brunt it out: one is like a huge elephant the other swarming like an ant, yet the weaker the oppressed is more powerful because it is morally justified, the other lacks conviction is more of an assaulter who will get more and more irrelevant to the people of Kashmir whom it with all the offences to the later declares its citizens and ironically uses her democratic values as instruments of deception in order to win him over into what it calls ‘mainstream’ the other has seen this serpentine methodology, therefore totally disassociates with the mainstream narrative. The result is the conflict and confrontation. Awfully, this autumn it proved it’s is heaver hands on heart as I pause! Trigger continues to prosper in Kashmir.

Naseer Ahmad khan , born in 1984 in bucolic town of Bandipore in north kashmir. He graduated from Govt degree college Bemina srinagar did his masters from kashmir unversity and IGNOU. Currently he is assistant professer at Govt degree College Bandipora. Intrested in various literary genres he writes poetry, short fiction as well as local dailies. Nicknamed as Shakespear of Bandipora, his writtings are widely appreciated for literary beauty and lucidity. His writtings appeared in various international magazines and local dailies.




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