Protest against indiscriminate arrest of hundreds of Muslims in violence affected NE Delhi


Students and faculty of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) –the JNU Collective) will protest this evening against the indiscriminate arrests by the Delhi police against the very section, Indian Muslims, who bore the brunt of the violence in past weeks. “Their individual names do not matter for the state, nor do their personal stories appear as appealing to the media”. The affected are mere statistics in legal papers just as case numbers. Their personal stories to do not matter to anybody, their families appear as generic sad faces in the newspapers, if at all.

The press release announcing the protests states that “many who were busy helping in the relief till last day got arrested, many who were filling up admission forms of JNU or Jamia have fled outside Delhi in fear.” Many women are living in houses with no male members presently and police warrant pasted outside the door. Police is still roaming around the locality and arresting anyone they feel, taking to far away Police station, beating people up. United and strong effort is needed to build pressure on the Delhi Police.

Protest : Effigy Burning
5.30pm, 11th March
Sabarmati Dhaba, JNU



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