Protest Modi Govt’s Inhuman Manipulation of Natural Disaster: Kerala

Kerala is facing a catastrophic flood and rampaging rain for more than a week. The people of Kerala have never faced such a calamitous and devastating natural crisis for nearly a century. But Indian central government is inhumanely using this crisis as an occasion to settle political scores and boost the obscene propagandist agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They are explicitly punishing people of Kerala for not allowing their divisive and communal hate agenda to get hold in this small state.

Kerala Flood

The BJP led Central government is wilfully delaying the disaster mitigating services and expertise of Indian Army and other agencies. People have every right to expect army’s assistance in these type of crisis. India has a major naval base in Kochi and they are supposed to be ready for a war like eventuality. Providing manpower and equipment like boats and helicopters are just a matter of minimal time for armed forces here. Yet the central government is delaying this critical intervention. If the central government is not able to gauge the existential crisis of a provincial territory in India it is time to think about our political future under this regime.


State government from day one asked for more central government help and expertise to handle the natural calamity. But with shockingly ulterior political motives central government is dragging its feet, to turn it into a propagandist benevolence for Narendra Modi.

Unite against this hate. Protest against the inhuman manipulation of a natural disaster to punish the people for their political views.

Shame Indian Government !



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