Protests erupt in society over keeping goat in flat, slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ raised, Hanuman Chalisa recited

Case registered against 11 people under IPC for allegedly bringing goats meant for sacrifice inside a society even when no offense was made out

Yesterday, just two days before Bakri-Eid, a dispute was reported from JP Infra Housing Society, Mira Road in Thane, Maharashtra, over bringing goats into a flat in the society. Chaos ensued as the society residents divided into two sides, some vehemently opposing the goat’s presence in the society and some supporting it. As per a viral video of the society’s CCTV, a man and a woman can be seen taking two goats from the lift inside their house. Another video showing hundreds of members of the society opposing the presence of the goats protesting and creating ruckus, fighting with the man responsible for bringing the goats and raising slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ have been doing rounds on social media. It has been further reported by News 18 that during the said protest, Hanuman Chalisa was also recited.

The video can be viewed here:

As reported by the Free Press Journal, the incident took a dramatic turn for the worse when an official notice was issued, prohibiting the slaughter of the goat. After getting information about the incident, police force in large numbers reached the spot. Top police officials pacified the angry people, although, reportedly, there was also a minor scuffle between the society members and the police.

It has now been reported by ANI that the Police has registered a case against 11 people under relevant sections of Indian Penal Code for allegedly bringing goats meant for sacrifice on Bakri Eid inside a private housing colony located on Mira Road. It remains unclear as to which sections were invoked in the FIR.

Details of the matter:

According to information provided by the News 18, a young man named Mohsin Sheikh had bought two goats and brought them home to celebrate Bakri-Eid. However, the decision did not go down well with some residents, leading to a ruckus. The matter quickly escalated, sparking tensions.

According to Mohsin, this society has 200 to 250 Muslim families, and the builder used to offer the Muslim families’ space to keep the goat every year, but this time the builder indicated that there is no such allotted area. According to News18, the builder also requested Muslim families to speak with their society members about the issue. Furthermore, as Mohsin stated, since no such area in the society was allotted to keep the goat, Mohsin took two goats to his house in the early hours of Tuesday.

As reported by the Hindustan Times, a police officer stated that since there is no place to keep it, the man brings a goat every year to his house before Bakri-Eid and informs the police about it in advance. The officer said, “The man takes the goat away the next day and the animal is not slaughtered at his residence.”

As per the report of the News18, Mohsin also clarified that they never make sacrifices in society and always slaughter in the khana or at the goat shop.

Protesting residents speak:

One of the residents, speaking to the media, said, “We are just saying that all societies have decided to not allow goats inside the building. Despite that, they went against everyone, didn’t seek permission from the police or the society and broke the bylaws to bring the goat inside the building. We request to take the goat away and defuse the matter right away,” as provided by the Hindustan Times.

Another resident, speaking to the media, said, “Mohsin is the only one who brought the goat. There are other Muslims living in this society, they understand it. They have been given a designated space for keeping goats. They still want to be stubborn and say ‘we will bring goats here, do whatever you want’, that is wrong. We just want everyone to adhere to the rules of the society,” as provided by the Hindustan Times.

Pacification attempts by the police falls on deaf ears:

As provided by the report of the Hindustan Times, a police officer, speaking to the resident, said that their first priority was that communal harmony should be maintained. “No slaughtering is allowed here. As per Supreme Court, High Court rulings, it is banned. No slaughtering can take place in societies. However, there are no rules for if they can keep the goat in their house of not. So, we are trying to convince him to take the goat away because members of the society are demanding so.”

He further reassured that no slaughter will take place within the society or the man will be arrested.

It was further provided in the HT report that a police officer was also seen and heard trying to disperse the crowd, which refused to move until a decision was taken. He said, “Go home. Don’t worry, it will be fine, they have been taken to the police station right? Whatever is decided, you will get to know.”

The Notice:

As provided by the Free Press Journal, in an attempt to defuse the mounting tensions, the society management has now posted a notice, forbidding the slaughter of the goat and urging residents to respect the rights of their neighbours. The notice also emphasized the need for maintaining a harmonious living environment, urging all parties involved to find a peaceful resolution.

Outcry and protests by supporters of keeping goats in the society:

Despite the notice, tempers boiled when the goat was removed from the society’s elevator by society administration. Residents who were in support of the goat’s presence held a demonstration, demanding that law enforcement officers intervene. The demonstrators maintained that they should be allowed to keep animals as pets as long as they did not violate any laws or bother their neighbours.


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