Protests persist! Mumbai, Thane continue to decry Hathras atrocity

Despite coronavirus threats, people continue to demand justice for the Hathras victim who hails from the Valmiki community.

Mumbai and neighboring Thane both continued to show their solidarity with the Hathras victim in Uttar Pradesh with protests at 4 and 5 PM on October 6, 2020.

In Central Mumbai, people gathered at Chaityabhoomi, Dadar. The resting place of the Dalit-icon, Dr Babsaheb B. R. Ambedkar, has witnessed many recent protests that demanded justice for the Valmiki community woman who was violently and brutally sexually assaulted by a group of men from the Thakur community.




A similar protest organised by the Valmiki Vikas Sangh took place in Thane, near Mumbai where a small crowd assembled at Vartak Nagar.

According to one of the protesters, supporters gatheredlistened to speeches by Dalit activists from the Valmiki Sangh as well as other members from the Valmiki community. protester also talked about a local activist also talked about Dalit/Bahujan sanitation divers “who have gone missing and slipped through the cracks because society doesn’t care about what happens to them.”


On October 5, the city’s Congress workers held a silent protest for the Hathras victim although they held up posters of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi instead who were recently manhandled by the Uttar Pradesh police.



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