Ram Puniyani writes to Police Commissioner about receiving threats

After receiving abusive and threatening calls late on Thursday night (June 6), senior academic and activist, Dr Ram Puniyani has, apart from filing a police complaint, also intimated the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Shri Sanjay Barve about the details regarding the threats to his life.

Ram Puniyani

Below here is the email sent by Dr Puniyani to the Commissioner of Mumbai urging an appointment with other activists to impress upon him the seriousness of the matter.

Dear Sir

I got a threatening calls on my landline no. (details below). The person abused me saying I am writing/speaking against Hindus. It was a threat to stop my activities. 
Some concerned citizens and I will like to call upon you in this matter.

Ram Puniyani

On June 6, unidentified men made two calls to Punyani’s home. Accusing Punyani of being anti-Hindu, the caller(s) demanded he stop his ‘activities’ or suffer dire consequences. Here is the text of the compliant submitted to the Powai police station on June 7, 2019


Powai Police Station
Threatening Phone call to me

I wish to lodge a complaint about the threatening phone call I received yesterday (06 06 2019) at around 8.30 PM on my landline (XXXXXXXX). The caller did not identify himself. He started abusing me in a filthy language and then stated that I should stop my activities and leave, else… He said we give you the time of 15 days. (This call number could not be exactly traced, likely it was from 9690637733). Five minutes later there was a call from 8810682624. This time in a very aggressive tone the caller asked, is Doctor there. I said no. He cut off the phone.
On 09 03 2019, three unidentified visitors had come over on the pretext of inquiry for my passport application. Since I told them that I had not applied for any passport, they made some general inquiries about our family and my past affiliation with IIT Mumbai and then they left. I had made this complaint to you and also had marked a copy of this to the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. (Copy attached)

Please register this complaint and take suitable action.

Ram Puniyani
(Former Professor, IIT Mumbai)


Following the incident in March, when ‘plainclothes’ policemen went to Punyani’s home on the false pretext of conducting ‘passport related’ enquiries, several prominent members of civil society had written to the police commissioner asking him to take congisance of the clear and present danger to professor Punyani’s life. A copy of that letter may be read here:





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