Revolution through art at Mumbai Bagh and Mumbra Bagh protests

Women, children participate in this revolution where artists are portraying the spirit of India against fascist policies through their work

Mumbai Baug
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The Mumbai Bagh protest in Nagpada against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), inspired by the historic women-led protests at Shaheen Bagh, has entered its second week.

The protests in Mumbra too, called the Mumbra Bagh taking place on the outskirts of Mumbai, has only been gaining numbers for the past week.

These protests against the CAA-NPR-NRC are being led by women, with around 600 – 800 women gathering at both venues daily, agitating the unconstitutional acts of the government.

The protest at Mumbra Bagh has seen scholars hold knowledge based programmes to disseminate the reality of the CAA-NPR-NRC to the people, but what has really stood out is the expression of the anguish, fear, anger and compassion through art.

Women and even kids have contributed to the art and the revolution that Mumbai Bagh and Mumbra Bagh, both, seek to bring forth in its protests.














“The responsibility of an artist is to spread message through art. We are from Artists Rise for India group. We have done work at Shaheen Bagh also,” an artist who painted at Mumbra told NDTV.

India has put up a united front against the divisive and unconstitutional CAA which for the first time has made religion the marker to grant citizenship. A lot of violence has ensued in the agitations against the implementation of the CAA, with more than 25 people dying in protests throughout the country and students bearing the worst brunt of the agitation.

However, this hasn’t deterred spirits and Shaheen Bagh has erupted everywhere. With women and students at the forefront of the protest, it has achieved a ‘historical’ status and doesn’t seem like it will be quelled any time soon.


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