Right-wing goons vandalize Jesuit College in Jharkhand

On September 3, a mob of nearly 500 right wing extremists allegedly stormed and damaged a Jesuit college in Jharkhand, terrifying students and faculty in the process. The attack took place at St. John Berchmans Inter College in Mundli Tinpahar located approximately 38 kilo meters from the city of Sahibganj.

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According to Fr. Thomas Kuzhively, secretary of the college, the attack allegedly took place in wake of an altercation among students. The mob gathered with sticks, chains, iron bars, knives and pistols, and beat up tribal inmates of the Loyola Adivasi Hostel. While two boys were seriously injured, the rest were saved due to the timely intervention of sisters (nuns). Although an ambulance was called the mob allegedly did not allow it to go through until the police arrived. Fr. Kuzhively told Zenit that the police then took the boys to hospital.

Another priest Fr. Nobor Bilung who tried to talk to the mob was also physically assaulted and sustained a head injury. The mob also allegedly sexually harassed female students and staff. They also allegedly broke pipes, furnishing, electric and audio systems.

The mob vandalised the place and stole cash and three cell phones from the office. In fact, it was because of the selfless courage of three nuns who stood their ground and prevented the mob from reaching the upper floors via the staircase, that the lives of 200 students who were hiding upstairs could be saved!

The crowd also allegedly tried to sexually harass college girls and female staff. When police personnel arrived at the scene the mob pelted stones at them. The college authorities filed a complaint naming 26 people who led the attackers. The institution remained shut for a whole week after the attack. Meanwhile, Catholics in the Archdiocese of Ranchi have appealed to the Jharkhand authorities and people for help in wake of the shocking attack on the Jesuit institution.




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