Riot book authors meet Delhi Police Commissioner, file complaint against Bloomsbury and others

Authors’ allegations include cheating, breach of trust etc against the publishers, as well as activists, writers and journalists

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Authors of upcoming book Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story, met Delhi Police Commissioner on Wednesday and handed over complaint against the book’s former publisher Bloomsbury allegeding cheating, breach of trust and invoked multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code. The authors, led by Advocate Monica Arora, met the commissioner in his office at the Police Headquarters and handed over their letter of complaint where they have also named activists, writers and journalists, seeking that they too be investigated under the IPC sections.

The, now Garuda Publisher affiliated authors have alleged that Bloomsbury publishers, who had eventually refused to publish the one-sided book, and the other writers they have named, who are based across the globe, have indulged in “misappropriation of property, illegal receipt and retention of stolen property, criminal intimidation, statements creating and promoting enmity between classes etc.” They have named professor Nandini Sundar, poet Meena Kandasamy, Journalists Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Aatish Tasser, writer William Darymple, and activist Saket Gokhale, as well as news portals The Quint, and Newslaundry.

The matter came to light when poet Meena Kandasamy, tweeted that she had been approached by a journalist to comment on the issue, “Wow….. just learnt this. now coming after us with state machinery.”


Journalist Navneet Mishra also confirmed the meeting and posted that the authors “have been very upset over the intimidation and violation of their right of freedom of expression over the past few days since 22.08.2020. They informed the Commissioner of the happenings related to the book ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’.”


He even shared these photos of the meeting:

This is the purported letter the authors have handed over to the police. It is alleged that the PDF of the book was leaked, and the writers and activists then ‘pressurised’ the publishers to withdraw the book.

The book Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story, claims to be an ‘expose’ on Delhi’s February 2020 communal riots, and was launched by the authors themselves, six months after the communal violence. The book was ‘launched’ online by the authors themselves because the publishers Bloomsbury India had refused to be associated with the event. Bloomsbury had even accused the authors of using their brand logo at the launch without permission. Later scores of activists, authors, journalists, and readers also raised concerns about the one-sided book. Bloomsbury withdrew the book, and announced that they will no longer be publishing it after the online launch by the authors, and their supporters.

Soon, another publishing house, Garuda Prakashan came forward to publish the title. Garuda is founded by Sankrant Sanu. The Lede, in an article on influencers of trolls, had added him to the list of notables. They have been successful with the acquisition of this title and have claimed massive advance orders for the book.


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