RSS’ organ Panchajanya alleges “SC is working as a tool at the hands of anti-India forces”

Not to be stopped in its intimidation even if is contempt, in its recent editorial, the right-wing publication in Hindi criticized the Supreme Court for issuing notice to the Centre over the ban on the BBC documentary on PM Modi


The RSS organ, Panchjanya has opined in a controversial opinion that it believes the Supreme Court of India is being used as a tool at the hands of anti-India forces. Published in Hindi and counterpart of the Organiser, that also excels in incendiary innuendo, a recent editorial in the right-wing publication derided SC for issuing notice to the Centre over the ban on the BBC documentary on PM Modi. Reports on the issue have been published in The Indian Express and other publications.

Making no mention of the Indian Constitution, the editorial stated that the SC was created to protect and safeguard the nation’s interest! Panchajanya’s editor Hitesh Shankar wrote that the BBC documentary was based on “imagination” and was an attempt to ‘defame India.’

“The Supreme Court belongs to India which is run by taxes paid by Indians; its job is to function according to legislations and laws made for India. We have created a facility named the Supreme Court and maintained it, in the interest of the country. But it is being used as a tool in the efforts of those opposed to India,” reads the Panchajanya.

Reiterating that “terrorists in India have been given protection in the name of human rights,” the editorial stated that” “You will find that anti-national elements are using India’s democracy, liberalism and civilizational benchmark to serve their agenda…next step is to ensure that anti-national elements should have the rights to spread misinformation in the country.”

A request for a complete ban on two-part BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question” was dismissed by the SC last week. SC called the demand for ban “entirely misconceived.” “How can a documentary affect the country?” The Supreme Court had questioned while rejecting a petition by Hindu Sena chief Vishnu Gupta.

On January 21, the Modi government, using emergency powers under the Information Technology Rules, 2021, directed the blocking of multiple YouTube videos and Twitter posts sharing links to the BBC documentary


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