RSS seeks to disown Suresh Chavhanke, T Raja, says hate speeches don’t reflect RSS ideology

CHHATRAPATI SAMBHAJINAGAR: in a significant bid to woo Muslims, RSS ideologue and national convener of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) Virag Pachpor said that “ hate speeches by expelled BJP MLAs Raja Singh and Suresh Chavhanke did not, in any way, reflect the ideology of RSS.” This was from an event in erstwhile Aurangabad (now Shambhajinagar) reported in The Times of India.

Pachpor was there on May 6, Saturday, to interact with Muslim intellectuals and journalists. He told TOI, “RSS is against any kind of hate speech, be it by Raja Singh or Suresh Chavhanke. When we say the RSS does not support hate speech and any such negative acts, the message reaches where it should reach. We believe in addressing differences and clearing misconceptions through dialogue and that is the reason why we are reaching out to Muslims through MRM.”

He went on to state that the RSS has never asked anyone to deliver hate speech and this is also the reason why RSS neither supports those delivering hate speeches nor comes out with any clarification about them! There were no questions put to the ideologue on the controversial teachings at RSS shakhas to young children and adolescents every day and every week nor the selective history deletions in text books. Textbooks in RSS run Shishu mandira which have alternate renditions are filled with stigma and manipulations.

The MRM and its subsidiary platforms have started a country-wide outreach programme to ensure that the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) does not face strong opposition similar to that of National Register of Citizen (NRC) Bill, Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) and the Farmers Produce Trade And Commerce bill, 2020.

Pachpor was adamant that this outfit, the MRM, along with 10 subsidiary platforms, wants to convince Muslims across the country about their motto of ‘One Nation, One People, One Constitution, One National Law, One National Anthem, One National Flag’.

He said that through the MRM, efforts are being made to bring down the school dropout rate. Pachor said that through Madrasa Prakosht steps are being taken for modernisation of madrasas so that students passing out of them have all the academic knowledge and required skills for making them employable.


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