Sadanand Fulzale passes away at 93

He was a prominent Ambedkarite and had dedicated his life to strengthening the movement against caste prejudice 
Sadanand Fulzale

Eminent Ambedkarite Mr Sadanand Fulzale passed away in Nagpur yesterday. He was 93. Born in the year 1928, Sadanand Fulzale came in touch with Baba Saheb Ambedkar and dedicated his life for the mission. 

In 1956, he was the deputy mayor of Nagpur city and was one of the most important persons selected by Dr Ambedkar to look for a place where Deeksha could be given hence the present Deeksha Bhumi was located and later developed by a group of dedicated Ambedkarites and Sadanand Fulzale was one of the most important persons who was a part of this endeavour.

He was chairman of the Deeksha Bhumi management committee and did everything to strengthen it and convert it truly into a historical monument. Sadanand Fulzale was witness to historic cultural revolution at Deeksha Bhumi started by Baba Saheb Ambedkar in 1956 and his efforts in making it truly people’s monument need to be acknowledged. 

He was a member of Republican Party of India/ However, in the last few years his concerns were related to Deeksha Bhumi alone.

I got an opportunity to meet him several years ago and felt that he deserved more than he got. Not many knew about his work beyond Maharashtra. It was important for all of us to listen to his voice. The interview that I conducted with him can be read and watched here

Our sincere tribute to Sadanand Fulzale ji. His enormous contribution to preserve the historical cultural legacy of Baba Saheb Ambedkar in Deeksha Bhumi will always be remembered with respect. It is important we know about the people who worked tirelessly for the cause of preserving our history and traditions.



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