Sakal Hindu Samaj: Another video surfaces, speaker openly calls for violence against Muslims in Malegaon

In the said rally held in Maharashtra, demands for law providing capital punishment to ‘love-jihadis’ were raised

The Sakal Hindu Samaj, a Maharashtra based, shadowy organisation of Hindutva groups, it is this organization that has contributed most to the anti-minority climate. A loose conglomeration, the Samaj includes many right-wing outfits such as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, Hindu Pratisthan, Shiv Prathisthan, Durga Vahini, Vishwa Shriram Sena and Sanatan Sanstha, all of whom have been accused of organising rallies where inciting hate speeches are given, providing arms training and justifying violence against religious minorities of India. This leaderless outfit provides a platform to known, and rising, notorious speakers that spread their divisive, polarising ideology. The basic agenda of the events organised by them is to raise demands of laws against inter-faith marriages, referred to as ‘Love-Jihad’, religious conversions, and cow-slaughter. To fulfil their agenda, they use: the spread of misinformation, distorted history, target specific minorities, and make open calls for economic boycott and genocide.

Every month, at least 2-3 big events are organised by the Sakal Hindu Samaj in Maharasthra. This week, an event was organised in Malegaon a city in Maharashtra. At the beginning of this week SabrangIndia had reported on one video from this event, where two speakers could be seen making vile and derogatory statements, which can be viewed here. Now, another video from the same event has surfaced wherein Milind Ekbote of the Samast Hindu Aghadi organisation has delivered an anti-Muslim speech. In the video, accessed by us on July 4, the speaker has made open calls for committing violence against Muslims in India, stating “Agar gai kate gi, toh kasai kate ga (If a cow is killed, then those who kill the cow will be killed as well).” It is purported that the said event was attended by BJP functionaries too.

Excerpts from the speech:

“If you make our Hindu girls study ‘Kalma’ in Sayajirao Gaekwad College, we will also come to your madrasa and read Hanuman Chalisa. Friends, I have come here to tell you that the whole of

Maharashtra is with the Hindus of Malegaon. For many years, these ‘Jihadis’ committed atrocities in Kashmir, but eventually, all their atrocities came to an end and the tricolour was hoisted at Lal Chowk in Srinagar. The Modi government has created a peaceful revolution and has done wonders by giving laptops to those who had guns in their hands. And just as the Hindus of Kashmir got justice, similarly the Hindus of Malegaon should also get justice.”

“I bow down to all the Hindus of Malegaon, not just with folded hands, I bow down fully, because even after facing so much opposition, so much injustice, so many atrocities, you did not give up your pride for Hinduism.”

“There is nothing in this whole world as valuable as a cow and as virtuous as a cow. And these cows are slaughtered, the same cows that makes no distinction based on religion, it does not give half a litre of milk to a Muslim and one litre to a Hindu. That cow gives equal milk to everyone. That cow follows all religious equality. But that same cow is mistreated.”

“At this stage, I would like to tell you, and I would also like to remind the government that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is not only considered a God in Maharashtra but of India. At the age of 12, he broke the arm of a butcher who was cutting a cow in Bijapur city. That is why, I am making an announcement from this holy platform- if a cow is cut, the butcher will be cut. The government should implement such a policy.”

“The conspiracy of ‘love-jihad’ is going on here. Our Hindu mothers and sisters are cheated and trapped through ‘love-jihad’. This is a big topic. What do you think is their actual wish? Their desire is to reduce the population of Hindus. A petition filed in the Supreme Court has said that if the number of Hindus in this country decreases, the population ratio of all religions deteriorates, then there will be no democracy in this country. Hindus are the majority in India, so India is a democracy.”

“Hindus are the majority in India, so there is socialism. Since Hindus are the majority in India, the slogan of Sarvdharma Sambhav is raised, but if Hindus become a minority, it will be a betrayal of the country’s unity. So, Rane ji (referring to BJP leader and MLA Nitish Rane), I request, that while enacting the law against ‘Love-Jihad’, consider a ‘Love Jihadi’ to be a true traitor, and if that person is caught, he should be kept in jail, and if possible, should be hanged. The one who does ‘love-jihad’ is a traitor, as he betrays the unity of India.”

“Cow slaughterers insult Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution. Whoever commits ‘love-jihad’, insults Babasaheb Ambedkar’s constitution. That is why a strict law should be implemented against them. And leaders, you should also keep in mind that the population of Hindus should never decrease. If they do ‘love-jihad’, then you also remember your Bajirao Peshwa ji, who made Mastani his wife. If you don’t stop ‘love-jihad’, we will start community marriage ceremony of Bajirao Mastani in every village.”

(The speech was given in Marathi, and has been translated into English)

The video can be viewed here:


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