Sakshi Dhoni abused for questioning Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Aadhar

Saskhi Dhoni, the wife of former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, had hit headlines earlier this week after she questioned Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for making her husband’s personal details public.

Little did she realise that her action in post-May 2014 India will not be taken kindly by vicious right-wing social media trolls.

No sooner had she posted her comments on Twitter, Mrs Dhoni began to face barrage of abusive posts with right-wing trolls using unspeakable languages to target her. From the languages of the trolls, it was clear that in the new India, asking a legitimate question to a BJP minister is unacceptable act.

Only last year, the right-wing Hindutva trolls had made fun of veteran Congress leader, Digvijay Singh’s daughter even when he remained grief-stricken because of his young daughter’s death.


Earlier this week, the agency working for the central government on Aadhar cards, CSC e governance services India Ltd, had posted the personal details of Dhoni including his phone number. This had angered Sakshi, who then angrily asked Prasad if there was any privacy left in India under the current government.

A visibly red-faced Prasad was then forced to admit the mistake promising to investigate the matter.


Alt News website on Thursday posted the abusive tweets.

Here are some:

Courtesy: Janta Ka Reporter




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