Sangh terror modules and hate-campaign in Bengal exposed!

Before we start this article, we would like to appeal the government of Bengal to act against these terror camps and schools that are sheltering hooligans. We are ready to provide the proofs that we have gathered.

The videos in this article are exclusive.

RSS has always denied its links to terror camps supporting and nurturing Saffron terror. But these videos are the perfect proofs of what RSS shakhas teach and why. We would like you to see the RSS propaganda first.

They are constantly asking Hindus to take up arms against the state, an act of waging war against the nation. The “nationalists” are not only confined to cane and swords, they are encouraging people to take up illegal guns. Irony is, they blame people of Malda for the illegal weapon trade and terrorism while they themselves are preparing to wage a civil war. These videos are from Ichapur, Kolkata. The person who is seen teaching to use the cane is Arman Singh, who heads the local Shakha.

In this video, if we hear the conversation taking place in the background, we find that two men are talking about someone’s arrival with something and someone. The second man says very clearly that someone will be coming with a Bangladeshi man. At the end of the conversation one of them says,

‘Bomb- tomb plant kora uchit chhilo sala’
Meaning, ‘we should have planted a bomb’

The question which arises is, are bombs accessible to these men?

We have already seen what Mr. Singh had added to the BJP IT cell appeal of gathering weapons (The same IT cell whose members are found to have ISI links)

The confidence by which he writes makes the readers suspect that weapons worth 5000- 7000 INR are within his reach. It is alarming that a Bangladeshi man is visiting a not so known area of Bengal and that too to a group which is already gathering weapons as per the previous screenshots.

In the second video, we hear a conversation

…(laughs) the moment they’ll say “Eid Mubarak” they’ll get a blow on their heads.

Now, this shows the actual purpose of this training. RSS is running such terror camps in most of the poverty sickened areas of Bengal. Hate speech are made now and then, encouraging the Hindus to gather weapons against the other communities and the state. We need to understand that if we do not stop them now, they will destroy the country with their hatred.

This man doesn’t stop here, he uses photoshop to edit Bengali Hindu figures and tries to cause ethnic enmity too.

He is constantly visiting areas which have a good population of poor non-Bengalis. Particularly the areas near Shyamnagar and Bhadraeshwar. If these groups are not stopped now, they’ll end up with either communal riots or ethnic riots. We believe the videos are enough to suggest what’s going on in Bengal. Further this is another example-

“War exercise for violence in India”- that’s exactly what he has written. This statement is scary as well as painful.

This is Saradamoyi, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa’s wife who is considered a holy mother. We can see what exactly he has posted publicly. It is strange that those who scream around for the Hindu sentiments, didn’t even think twice before mocking a Bengali Hindu figure. This shows ethnic and communal discrimination of RSS/BJP. BJP- TMC politics could be experimented without dragging Saradamoyi. But constantly, RSS is trying to destroy the secular and diverse fabric of India.

Recently we saw the rise of fake personalities. The best example being, Deepak Dubey alias Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj who used Indian army insignia as a propaganda tool for BJP. The same tactic we see in Bengal where Sarup Prasad Ghosh roams around in Saffron clad styled in the same way as of the monks of the RKM order. We see a great similarity between Bhardwaj and Ghosh in terms of political tactic and inclinations.

Pictures like these, with real Army officer and monk, used by these men respectively to fool the people that they are associated with the institutions. When our article was published, Mr. Ghosh locked all his pictures while on being exposed by Mr. Abhishek Shukla, Dubey/ Bhardwaj (whatever it is) removed his pictures. If they weren’t doing anything wrong then why did they remove their pictures?

As per an article on The Logical Indian, people threatening Mr. Abhishek Shukla claimed to be commandos. And we have solid proofs (interviews of senior RSS members who accepted) that the name of Ramakrishna Mission is being used by RSS). We have written to RKM regarding this issue and hopefully we’ll get a detailed response. But the issue of fake commandos is problematic. We have seen videos of Shifuji training a large number of men dressed in camouflage but apparently, they aren’t soldiers. Then who these people are? For what purpose are these men trained?

The guns seen in his videos are M16, these are not used by Indian Armed forces but by the forces of a neighbouring country. Certainly, it isn’t China, Sri Lanka, Nepal or Bangladesh. It is a much serious problem that we are facing today. Bengal had never seen riots till BJP entered. In our first article, we have discussed how RSS is spending on migrations. It is our appeal to the Government of Bengal and secular forces to raise the issue and get these terror camps banned else India is deemed to break if RSS/ BJP continue to divide the masses for their political gains.

This article was first published on India Resists



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