UP sees the worst of Police Brutality

The CAA-NPR-NRC triple whammy has jolted the social and political conscience in the country. As the protests kept spreading, the government started getting wary of the public sentiment which is holding on to the secularity and rejecting a law that discriminates on religious lines and aims to eliminate or marginalise the Muslim community.

UP Police

While protests across the country have seen students being fired at, peaceful protestors being detained and also suspension of internet, Uttar Pradesh has become a state that has seen the worst until now. With a BJP government in majority, and a Chief Minister like Yogi Adityanath who conforms to the Centre’s plan of action, Uttar Pradesh has become the worst example of excessive police action by a force which has been clearly given a free hand by the state with one agenda, to create and establish a climate of fear among people. This is being done to subdue the masses and to dissuade them from agitating against the government.

Here’s a look at how 9 major districts in Uttar Pradesh have suffered in terms of deaths, detention of minors, rampant arrests, filing of FIRs, destruction of property, seizure of property which is reflective of the vengeance of the state government against protestors and the Muslim community.

Following is a District wise list of police atrocities and state action which has unleashed a climate of fear, starting with the worst affected area and continuing with the lesser affected ones.


Mobile and landline telephone services blocked; internet suspended since December 19.

As many as 3,000 unidentified persons booked; additionally, 262 identified persons have also been booked.

72 persons have been arrested so far, 40 of which are students of Saadat Madrassa.

More than 67 shops sealed in Meenakshi Chowk and Kachchi Sadak localities in Muzaffarnagar; Meenakshi Chowk being the hub of Muslim businessmen.

Property has been seized by government for non-payment of land revenue in Meenakshi Chowk.

UP police allegedly vandalised the house of Haji Hamid Hasan after he and his son took part in protests; they looted jewellery and cash of Rs. 5 lakh at gun point.

Around 70-100 men allegedly broke the lock of 74-year-old Anwar Ilahi’s home, smashed his car’s glass, stole Rs. 3.5 lakhs and destroyed property in his 3-storeyed home; he said not all men were in police uniform.


5 persons have died in police violence

43 persons have been arrested

172 identified persons have been booked

Police in Meerut have filed cases against people who have died in police firing.

A fact-finding report found that no FIR is being accepted by the police on behalf of the family members of the deceased. The situation in the Muslim neighbourhoods remains tense, the families are anticipating more police raids

The worth of damage to property was assessed to be at Rs 14 lakh and District administration blamed 141 people for the damages


Internet has been suspended since December 20

2 persons have been killed allegedly due to police action – one was a UPSC aspirant and the other was a father to a 7-month-old, neither of them had taken part in the protests.

As many as 3,000 unidentified persons have been booked by the police

104 persons have been detained, 21 of which are minors – who have now been released

These detainees, including minors, were reportedly beaten up while in detention.

153 persons have been arrested, some of them have even been booked under section 307 (murder) of IPC

In Nehtaur, Police allegedly vandalized people’s homes, harassed women and threatened their children to disclose the location of the male members of their families.

Aligarh Muslim University

The Vice-Chancellor and Registrar of University allowed police to enter campus

Police used tear gas, pellet guns, pistols, rifles, stun grenades on students.

A student who was running away from the violence was hit by a stun grenade. He lost his dominant hand and in his other hand, he lost 4 fingers.

The police used abusive language, communal slurs and there are videos showing ruthless beating of students above waist height and RAF (Rapid Action Force) personnel pointing guns at male students.

Police even damaged university and student’s property on campus. Police forced students to recite Jai Shri Ram, abused with words like Pakistani, Deshdrohi (traitor), attankwadi (terrorist), anti-national.
FIRs have been filed against 1,200 unnamed students.


Internet has been suspended since December 20

As many as 21,500 unidentified persons have been booked by the police

729 persons have been detained

13 persons have been arrested, including SP MLA Amitabh Bajpai and former MLA Kamlesh Tewari. Most of the persons arrested belong to PFI (popular Front of India) and AIMIM.

3 persons have died, 9 have been injured due to gunshot wounds and 11 more have been injured owing to other police atrocities

Begumganj saw nearly 100 policemen allegedly breaking open the shutter of shops and damaging parked vehicles


Internet was suspended on December 19 and December 20

54 persons have been booked including 4 TMC MPs and activist Deepak Kabir

More than 1,000 persons are under house arrest, including retired police officer SR Darapuri, Sandeep Pandey a Magsaysay award winner.Description: https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

Advocate Mohd Shoaib has been detained by police and his whereabouts are unknown; Mohd Shoaib’s wife, Arundhati Dhuru, and activists Meera Sanghamitra and Madhvi Kukreja were detained for several hours when they went to the police station to inquire about Shoaib.

Sadaf Jafar, activist and member of Congress party, has also been in police custody since December 19. She has, reportedly, been beaten up in custody and no medical help has been provided to her or any of the other persons arrested.


Internet has been suspended since December 20

More 1,000 unidentified persons have been booked and additionally, 36 identified persons have been booked.

More than 60 persons have been detained and 26 have been arrested.

District administration has sent show cause notices to 33 persons for seizure of property claiming damages to public property in protests.


Internet is suspended since December 19

2 persons have died

19 identified persons have been booked; 250 unidentified persons have been booked

30 people have been arrested, including SP Leader Shafiqur R. Barq and Feroz Khan


Internet has been suspended since December 20

6 people have died, including an 8-year-old minor

57 persons have been booked under grievous offences

218 persons including students and activists, have been arrested; out of which are 69 activists


Internet was shut-down between December 20 to 22

1 person has died in firing

150 identified persons have been booked

33 persons have been arrested

Notices have been issued to 28 persons for damages to public property which has been assessed at Rs. 25 lakhs

More than 1,100 people have been arrested and 5,558 kept in preventive detention in UP



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