Seven Detainees of Bongaigaon District released from Goalpara Detention camp

GUWAHATI: A total of seven detainees from Bongaigaon District were released from the Goalpara detention camp last Thursday, Pratidin Sangbad reports. They are Ajwhar Ali (Oudubi village under Jogeeghopa police station), Ali Akbar (Satpara village), Saru Sheikh (Pallirtal), Manikjan Bibi ( Manikpur Hapachara), Niranjan barman (Abhayapuri), Nasiruddin (Merer char), Jalaluddin (Nasunguri). These seven detainees have completed more than three harsh years in Goalpara detention camp and have been released in accordance with the Supreme Court orders of May 2018.

The seven detainees had been sent to Detention Camps after they had been declared ‘Foreigners’ by the Foreigners’ Tribunal in 2016. The seven were released in accordance with the May 2018 SC Order which stated that detainees who have completed more than three years may be released based on conditions. After checking the documents by the border police they were released on bail.

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