Shocking! Man beheaded in Udaipur for social media post supporting Nupur Sharma

Hardline Islamists killed the man in cold blood; area remains tense

Udaipur man killed

In a shocking instance of growing intolerance, a Hindu man in Udaipur, Rajasthan was beheaded by two hardline Islamists on June 28, 2022 for sharing a post in support of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Although the accused Riyaz and Gos Mohammed were arrested shortly after the incident, the news has horrified many citizens for its blatant display of intolerance.

Supreme Tailors owner Kanhaiya Lal was working in his shop on Tuesday, when one man came up to him and attacked him with a cleaver. The other accused recorded the crime on his mobile phone. After slitting Lal’s throat in broad daylight, the two said that they had avenged the insult to Islam and threatened to “get” Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the same weapon.

All this because Lal shared a post on social media in support of former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma who had earlier made derogatory remarks against Islam and Prophet Mohammed. According to The Hindu, Lal was already booked by the local police over his remarks on social media. At the time, he had told the police that he feared for his life and had closed shop for a week.

Tensions rose in the area upon learning about the heinous murder. Shopkeepers closed shops and stopped police from taking away the body until the accused were arrested and the victim’s family compensated with ₹ 50 lakh and a government job. The body was finally moved late at night.

Rajasthan police declared a state-wide internet shutdown for 24 hours and imposed Section 144 for a month. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot appealed to the people to maintain peace.

“I appeal to everyone not to try to spoil the atmosphere by sharing the video of this incident. By sharing the video, the criminal’s purpose of spreading hatred in the society will be successful,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.



Condemning the murder, he promised strict action against the accused. In a press meeting, Gehlot said that the manner of the crime was “beyond imagination”, reported The Hindu. Further, he said the investigation would be carried out under the case officer scheme. Accused will receive a speedy probe and fast trial in the court. He also appealed to Modi to issue an appeal for communal harmony and brotherhood, and declare that violence in any form would not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry sent a team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to the city to “explore” any “terror angle” as per a tweet from Home Minister Amit Shah.



Many people have decried the brutal murder in the name of religion. Politicians, journalists and others condemned the incident wherein the accused so blatantly boasted of their act.


Indian Musims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) has also condemned the attack saying, “We cannot have any sympathy for those extremist Muslims who espouse the ideals of the Taliban or ISIS,” adding, “IMSD reiterates its stand that there is no place for such an extremist mindset in India and that the culprits be handed the strictest possible punishment.” Further decrying hardliners and their calls for extreme actions against those accused of blasphemy, IMSD said, “We advise those who speak on behalf of Muslim issues to desist from making emotional, bigoted, intolerant and fanatical appeals in the name of religion. As citizens of this country, the Muslim cause is best served through appeals to the constitutional ethos rather than some pan-Islamic rallying together in the name of saving the honor of the prophet.”

At the same time, divisive elements have taken a narrow perspective of this as an instance where ‘a Hindu man was murdered by two Muslims’. Despite the fact that the Muslim community in India has widely condemned the act, communal forces continue to push their agenda. In fact, netizens have rightly identified the core problem of this whole ordeal – hate.






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