“Shoot the traitors” slogans raised in Gurugram

Right-wing groups in Gurugram are protesting the arrest of religious leader Kalicharan and are “demanding his immediate release”

Hindutva Mob

“Desh ke Gaddaron ko, goli maaro s**lon ko” slogans rang out in Gurugram, as yet another right-wing group took out a hate march and called for violence this Friday. As they have been doing for months, with an aim to disrupt the Namaz, and harras the Muslim community, this week they found a ‘hero’ in Kalicharan Maharaj who has been arrested by Raipur police.  

This week, the anti-Muslim set of self appointed Hindutva vigilantes are on the streets “demanding his immediate release”. The group has been raising chants of “Nathuram Godse amar rahe” and were reportedly going to the Gurugram DC’s office to “submit a memorandum demanding release of religious leader Kalicharan”. They have also “declared a reward of Rs 22 lakh to any police officer who arrests MP Asaduddin Owaisi for his alleged speeches.”



Kalicharan was arrested on Thursday for praising Mohandas Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse at a religious event. He has been booked under section 153 A (1) (A), 153 B (1) (A), 295 A, 505 (1) (B)  of the Indian Penal Code. His arrest also upset many Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders who in turn blamed the Congress-led Chhattisgarh government for “organising the ‘Dharm Sansad’”. Former Chhattisgarh CM and senior BJP leader Raman Singh on Thursday reportedly said, “The law is taking its course. But the question which people of Chhattisgarh are asking is when will the Chhattisgarh Govt take action against those who are insulting Lord Ram? The Government should answer this.”

Madhya Pradesh home minister Naraottam Mishra had “objected” to what he called Chattisgarh’s Raipur Police’s breach of protocol in arresting Kalicharan. Raipur police on Thursday had arrested Kalicharan Maharaj from a private hotel in Khajuraho (MP). Mishra told the media that the Congress led Chhattisgarh government had violated an inter-state protocol. He reportedly added that the Chhattisgarh government should have informed the MP government  of the action. According to news reports, Mishra also instructed the MP police to seek an explanation into the matter.



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