Should a former Chief Vigilance Commissioner be on the Reliance Industries Board?

Reliance said its board of directors in a meeting appointed Chowdary as an additional director — non-executive

K V Chowdary | Photo: Wikimedia Commons
K V Chowdary | Image: Wikimedia Commons

Should custodians of integrity and constitutional values join a corporate group with specific interests?

PTI reports that senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh  questioned a former central vigilance commissioner K.V. Chowdary joining the board of Reliance Industries, saying that this was “unfortunate”, adding that there there should be something called conscience.

“Actions of people who have been appointed to be custodians of integrity in public life have not only to be proper but seen to be proper. This is undesirable and unfortunate,” Ramesh said in a tweet. “Certainly there should be something called conscience,” he said.
A 1978-batch Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, Chowdary was in August 2014 appointed as chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the top policy making body of the income tax department.

On his retirement, he was appointed as an adviser to the department of revenue on issues relating to black money, before being made the central vigilance commissioner (CVC) in June 2015. In a regulatory filing, Reliance said its board of directors in a meeting on Friday appointed Chowdary to a non-executive post as an additional director.



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