“Show some empathy”: TISS-SU General Secretary Fahad Ahmad to Nitish Kumar

He demanded that the Bihar CM officially stop the process of NPR in the state


General Secretary of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences’ Student Union (TISS-SU) and Senior Research Fellow at TISS, Fahad Ahmad at a rally in Kishanganj, Bihar protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR) demanded that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar immediately release a notification to stop the process of NPR from being implemented in the state.


Ahmad requested the Bihar CM to remember his days of student activism and “show some empathy towards the current issue.”

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has been branded as a ‘paltu ram’ (turncoat) by many. He had supported the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in Parliament after opposing the NRC publicly and assuring that it won’t be implemented in the state. He has been under attack from the Opposition and the people of Bihar since.

The CM’s populairity has dwindled ever since and the people of Bihar are now apprehensive about his assurances citing that it was Kumar who had called for a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) free India, but supported the BJP with regards to the CAB.

Even Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav had ‘challenged’ the Bihar CM to ‘order suspension’ of the ongoing NPR work. Asking the CM to walk the talk, he had tweeted –



States like Rajasthan, Kerala and West Bengal have publicly announced that they have put on hold the NPR work in their states, much to the exasperation of the BJP-led government at the Centre. Even the Congress-ruled states are set to reject the NPR in its existing format. The NPR is seen as a pre-cursor to the proposed all-India NRC and for the first time, the place of birth has been introduced in the NPR making it to be a yardstick to gather information for the NRC.

Mass protests have erupted since the CAB became an Act and since then the Modi government has been trying to allay the anger of the people who are seeing the unholy trinity of the CAA-NPR-NRC as being religiously discriminative and putting the future of the marginalized communities at stake.


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