Sikhs helped trapped Muslim women and children escape mob violence

They helped Muslim men, woman and children flee an attack in Sohna’s Shahi Masjid

Amidst the alarming news of communal violence in Nuh and Gurugram, there still remains a flicker of hope in India’s secular fabric. Despite the efforts of communal forces to undermine India’s secular and pluralistic character, the country’s power to come together during a time of need often helps thwart their attempts to harm the nation’s soul.

As per a report in the Indian Express following communal clashes on August 1 in Nuh, Gurgaon, and other parts of Haryana, the Shahi Masjid in Sohna was vandalised by a mob comprising 70-100 men. Fortunately, the mosque’s Imam, his family, and a group of 10-12 children studying at the madrasa inside managed to escape unharmed. This was made possible by the timely intervention of members of the Sikh community, who conducted a rescue operation amidst the ongoing clashes, according to local witnesses.

The mosque, not only serves as a place of worship but also houses rooms for a few families and classrooms for children.

During the turmoil, the Imam, along with 30 others, including children, sought refuge in the residential quarters within the mosque premises. With the situation becoming increasingly dire, the Imam instructed his brother to escort the women and children to safety behind the mosque. However, the situation took a positive turn when the locals stepped in to help, arriving just in time to assist the vulnerable group.

As per the Indian Express report, one of the locals who played a crucial role in the rescue was Guddu Singh (25), a student from Palwal. Responding to panic calls from residents near the Sohna mosque, Guddu and his fellow locals decided to take action despite the limited presence of only 10-12 policemen against a gathering of hundreds outside the mosque. As the mob continued to wreak havoc inside the mosque, the brave locals turned their attention to the adjacent residential quarters. Their first priority was rescuing the women and children, successfully ensuring their safety.

This incident highlights the importance of unity and solidarity in times of crisis, as members of the Sikh community risked their safety to protect their fellow citizens from harm.

An FIR has been registered against unknown persons, reported the Indian Express.

On the morning of August 1, a mosque in Gurgaon’s Sector 57 was also targeted in a violent attack. A large armed mob fired upon and set the mosque on fire around 12:30 am. The chief imam, who was not present at the time, had gone to his village. However, the deputy imam, a 19-year-old, who led prayers in his absence, was brutally assaulted. He suffered 13 sword wounds and had his throat slit, resulting in his death. Another individual on the premises was severely beaten and shot in the knee and is currently in an ICU.

The incidents have already claimed six precious lives and caused a staggering economic loss. The scars of bigotry inflicted are far from easily forgotten.

These stories of everyday love and harmony are not isolated incidents. The Sikh community has had a history of coming to the aid of people in need. Feeding the poor is synonymous with the Sikh Community. However it doesn’t just stop there. In February this year amidst hate-crimes and religious intolerance filling up our timelines a heartwarming video from Indore shows a Muslim woman offering Namaz in a Gurudwara, highlighting co-existence and acceptance in our diverse country. During the anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh, Sikhs and Muslims prepared langar together. There were videos of Sikh and Muslim men exchanging their headdresses and clicking selfies together. Even after the 2019 Pulwama attack the Sikh community from Punjab stepped in and rescued and sheltered many Kashmiri students there who started receiving threats after the attack. These stories of brotherhood and love for fellow countryman restores our faith in humanity.


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