Social media users launch #FindNajeeb campaign, slam silence of ‘shouting’ Arnab and Delhi’s ‘boss’ Jung

The JNU student Najeeb Ahmed continues to be untraceable days after he went missing under mysterious circumstances. Najeeb’s friends alleged that he had disappeared soon after his altercation with some ABVP students.

Najeeb’s mother on Friday made a desperate plea saying that she wanted her son back as she alleged that the administration had been “insensitive” towards her.

“Mujhe mera beta lauta do (Return my son to me). I won’t demand any action against anybody. I just want him back and I will leave once he is handed over to me,” Fatima Nafees told reporters as she broke down sitting outside the JNU’s administration block where students have been agitating since five days.

JNU student

Angry JNU students had staged protests outside the office of the VC, preventing him and other officials from leaving the campus for nearly 20 hours.

The alleged apathy by Delhi Police and more importantly, Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, has left social media users incensed. Jung was recently declared the administrative head of Delhi government by the Delhi High Court.


The university has been at the receiving end by the central government since February this year, when some left-leaning students were accused of chanting anti-India slogans. The then students’ union president, Kanhaiya Kumar, along with Anirban Bhattacharya and Umar Khalid were arrested on sedition charges and sent to Tihar jail in the national capital.

They were later released on bail after the court’s intervention.

However, the anger against the police crackdown manifested in the subsequent students’ body elections, where the RSS’ student wing, the ABVP, was routed at the hands of a united left front.

Facebook users have now launched #FindNajeeb campaign asking people to build pressure on the administration to find the whereabouts of Najeeb.
Here are some comments;

Celina Mary: Why is there no outrage over how a boy has just vanished into thin air from the JNU campus, after being beaten up by ABVP goons? Where is Najeeb? There needs to be pressure. With each passing day, Najeeb is losing precious time  #FindNajeeb

Ejaz Hussain: Some Students raised Slogans ,The whole Govt Machinery and Media came to action .Now there is alround silence including Shouting Arnab. Whether The life of boy is so cheap.

Gopukrishnan Surendran: The dehumanisation of JNU students has been near-complete. The stage for midnight raids is set. This here is a test dose to gauge the response.

Syed Hassan Kazim: We witness outrage only when the issue is that of fake nationalism, which is mostly used to fool the masses who deserve to be fooled.

Gursaran Singh Anand: Frankly I’ve lost all hope from the present regime. They’ll only follow their agenda doggedly

Santhosh Kottayi: Never underestimate the power of Amitji

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