Spate of Demolitions continue, 44 Muslim families asked to vacate homes: Kushinagar, UP

The state government, claiming that the homes of residents are built on encroached land, has sent eviction notices to 47 families of Nutan Hardo village in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar village, out of which 44 are Muslim.

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As many as 44 Muslim families have been asked to vacate their homes in Nutan Hardo village in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar district with the administration claiming that the houses have been built on “encroached land.” This continues a spate of demolitions launched by BJP-ruled governments all over India.

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Two circles reported that the Uttar Pradesh government has sent eviction notices to 47 families of Nutan Hardo village, Padrauna tehsil of Kushinagar, out of which 44 are Muslims. Meanwhile, locals have alleged that on December 25, the Lekhpal (revenue officer) came to their village and vandalised some houses and shops of the villagers even while serving the notice, a grossly illegal act. 

60-year-old Sayida Bano, from Nutan Hardo village, told that her family has been living in the village for generations and yet they were served the eviction notice. When queried about why they have been served the eviction notice, Sayida said, “We are Muslims and that’s why we have been served this eviction notice.”

UP has, like all over north India been experiencing a bitterly cold wave with temperatires at 8-18 degrees Celsius over this week. Sayida said that many others have been served the eviction notice as well, including older people. “Where will we go in this cold? We have no other place,” she said. 

Another woman, who requested to remain anonymous, told the media that they have been asked to vacate their house in six days or face consequences. Normally at least one month to three months are mandatorily given in such cases.

The involvement of other villagers in the lawlessness indulged in by the state administration is a cause for deep worry. “Some villagers along with the police vandalized our houses and shops and also looted them. The police did not go to the nearest settlement occupied by Hindus, and neither their houses were demolished nor their shops were looted,” she said. 

In its notice, the administration claims that those who have been asked to shift are living on “encroached land.” It is a moot point of whether the state/government needs to provide sufficient proof or time of such claims before rendering persons homeless.

“In compliance with the order passed by the court, all the encroachers are informed to shift the material kept in their respective houses with immediate effect. In case of non-compliance, you will be solely responsible for the follow-up action. By order: Tehsildar Padrauna,” the notice said.


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